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Q: What nutrients are in grain?
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What nutrients does the grain group provide?


What nutrients does grain have?

nutrients in grains and b c d and k

What are the main nutrients found in grain?

whole wheat!

What is the nutritive value of whole grain?

Whole grains are recognised as having more nutrients than refined grains. The reason for this is that the process of refining the grain removes most of the nutrients.

What nutrients are found in wholegrain breads?

the nuts and grain in the bread is good for the brain.

Is grain a consumer?

Well it consumes nutrients from the soil, water and sunlight. But I'd say no because the person who buys the grain is more a "consumer".

Is buckwheat whole grain?

Buckwheat is in fact a whole grain. This is high in many key nutrients, particularly magnesium. A diet with a few varieties of whole grains would ensure a diversity of different nutrients to be absorbed by the body.

Which of the following is a characteristic of enriched grain products?

They have all of the added nutrients listed on the label

What are the major nutrients in grain products?

Grain products are a good source of carbohydrates and B vitamins; depending upon how they are processed, they can also be a source of fiber.

What is sienior grain for horses?

senior grain for horses provides the nutrients they need without as much fat because their bodies cannot metabolize it as fast.

What are the kinds of nutrients that are found in white vinegar?

usually distilled from grain vinegar then water added to adjust acidity, white vinegar has no measurable nutrients

What nutrients are in spaghetti?

im not sure but spaghetti is a grain product and grains are part of the food group

Enriched grain products have which nutrients added?

thiamin,riboflavin,niacin,folic acid, iron.

What are the five main nutrients for the five food group?

grain, fruits, veggies, meats, dairy

What would happen if you do not eat grain for 2 weeks?

Your body won't be getting all the nutrients it needs. Grain is a great source of fiber, which helps you better absorb nutrients from other foods you eat by keeping your digestive system healthy and clean. No grain will decrease your fiber intake, so you won't be getting all the nutrients necessary to function. Carbs in grains also provide you with energy. No grains equal no energy.

Why are whole grains better for you than refined grain?

whole grains is better for you because it has more nutrients in it and more fiber than refined grain! By:Angel Yu youtube:angelscandyfactorty

Where did grain grow in ancient Greece?

According to Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel, grain was imported from the Fertile Crescent into Greece, where it sparked a civilization revolution. However, grain can be grown almost everywhere in Greece, provided with soil and nutrients.

Why is whole grain bread healthy?

Whole grains in general are good for your body as they contain lots of nutrients and fibre.

How do you produce the grain into high quality rice?

You can produce high quality rice from grain by following a careful planting and growing schedule. The soil must be have the proper levels of nutrients and water to grow the best rice.

Which part of the grain are most vitamins proteins and dietary fibre found?

The endosperm is the most nutritious part of the grain. It contains the most protein and key nutrients of the three components. This is because the endosperm is what germinates the sprout.

What do cows eat for nutrients?

The same stuff that is answered in the related question below. I.E., Grass, Hay, Silage, Grain, etc.

What are some whole-grain foods?

Whole grains contain the whole grain kernel (made up of the bran, germ, and angiosperm) instead of having these nutrients stripped off. For example, brown rice is whole grain, and white rice is refined. They are the same type of rice, but white rice has had the outer layers, along with all the nutrients, scraped off. Some examples of whole grains are brown rice, wholewheat flour, Bulgar, oatmeal, and whole cornmeal. Also, anything that has "whole wheat" or "whole grain" on the label.

Can you substitiue wheat flour for wheat germ?

No. Wheat germ is a specific part of the wheat grain, containing oil and other nutrients, without the starch of the rest of the grain. Flour is the starchy part of the grain with bran and germ removed. They are completely different things and one cannot substitute for the other.

What for quinoa is good?

Quinoa is a healthy grain that has a great amount of fiber. It is also high in protein, and is a good source of other nutrients as well.

What nutrients are required by law to be added to refined grain products?

Iron, Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), and Folic Acid