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Q: What oil additive cleans tapping lifters?
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What sound does no oil reaching the lifters make?

A "clacking" "tapping"sound

Why does my engine make a tapping noise at idle?

possibly low oil or low oil pressure, the tapping may be coming from the oil operated hydraulic lifters.

What is the problem if you have loud pinging or tapping noise when car is turned on?

Lack of oil lubrication to the valve lifters.

What are tapping valves?

Tapping valves is a noise made by too much clearance between the valve lifter and the valve. Modern engines have hydraulic lifters. If you have too little oil pressure or run the engine low on oil, the lifters will make noise. The lifter can also wear out.

Why does a motor make a tapping noise when its cold but not when its warm?

sounds like your oil is wrong viscocity and causes the hydraulic lifters to tap until oil thins enuff to work the lifters. if changing oil doesnt help you have a worn lifter

Your corvette has not been started in a year when you did drive for a while its tapping?

It depends, but it could be the lifters. If you have hydrolic lifters, they will lose oil when they are not run and "collapse". It will take some running time for the lifters to refill with oil (not sure how long exactly - ten minutes?). If the sound goes away after a little while, it might have been the lifters.

How do you stop tapping lifters?

Sometimes putting a jug of transmission fluid in your oil will clean the junk out of your lifters and stop your noise - if it is an older vehicle with adjustable rockers you can adjust and get rid of the knock.

1990 Mazda 323 noisy lifters for a minute after cold starting it in the mornings Oil was changed once since I had it. Oil change did not cure the problem What can I do?

you can try adding "lucas engine oil additive: but pretty much all that is happing is the lifters are little noisy until the oil circulates thru engine and lifters, basically not much you can do about it

Why are my lifters tapping after flood water was drained from the engine and the oil has been changed?

u need to flush engineuse right viscocity oilfrom flood water in engine you have some debri left in engine that is not allowing lifters to seat properlyprobably still have some water in lifters

I am having problems with my 200sx when the car is worm it makes tapping noise only when staionary?

As a guess ... your lifters are "loose", need more oil, Miracle Oil, or just a cleaning.

Why does lifters rap when you first start your 97 lumina ls but clears up until next morning when starting again?

While the engine is turned off the oil will drain from the top of the engine. The Lumina has hydraulic lifters and uses oil to move them. The lifters will "tap" until the oil builds up enough to hold them up. Make sure that the engine has enough oil, that the oil pressure is ok, and that the oil does not need changing. If these are ok then an additive may be added to aid in quieting noisy lifters.

What are symptoms of bad valve lifters 95 geo metro 4-cylinder?

bad lifters will rattle when engine is running at idle you will hear anything from clicking in engine to rapid tapping,depending on how bad and how many lifters are bad if vehicle has hydraulic lifters check for proper oil level in cngine

If lifters are ticking how do you repair?

If they are mechanical lifters, then there is an adjustment under the valve cover. If they are hydraulic then there is no adjustment, and while a different weight motor oil or special additive may help the ticking there is not real way to stop it.

1990 300zx and it started ticking is this lifters can you adjust them you need help as a cheap way to fix this It runs fine and seems to tick when warm?

Try a different weight motor oil, one that will lube the lifters better when hot. Also use a quieting additive to quiet lifters.

How can you stop liftes rattle on 1995 cavalier?

If your lifters are sticking you can try some oil additive like Marvel Mystery oil Marvel Mystery oil has been around for a long time and it works pritty good.

My 2002 Camaro has a Tapping noise during operation . What could that be?

A tapping noise in a 2002 Camaro could indicated noisy lifters. Make sure that the oil level is full, and the oil is clean and recently changed. Lifter quieting additives can help reduce the noise some.

1995 Ford Contour the valves tap you have changed the cam and lifters twice still tapping?

were the valve tappets adjusted correctly they need to be rotated during adjustments ,also make sure you have correct viscosity oil in engine. it has hydraulic lifters and if oil is cheap, it will aerate and cause rattling

Why would you hear a tapping noise when your Chevy cavalier is running?

A tapping noise is generally the result of a bad hydraulic lifter, plugged oil passage to the lifter, or bad tappets. Sometimes just changing to lower viscosity high detergent oil will cure it. Or "Any automotive oil additive with the word MIRACLE in it".

What make your engine knock until it warm up?

Typically vehicles that use hydraulic lifters & have more miles on them, tend to have a tapping sound until the engine is "warmed up." The hydraulic valve train is designed to eliminate the gap at all operating temperatures, though overtime the lifters wear out and don't fill with oil as quickly resulting in the tapping sound you hear until the engine has warmed up, and the lifters have been properly filled and lubricated.

Valve tapping and blue smoke from exhaust no coolant mixed in the oil on 1994 ford probe gt with correct oil level and oil weight?

could be bad valve stem seals, allowing oil to run down into combustion chamber, that is causing blue smoke tappet noise is generally caused by bad lifters or not enough oil if hydraulic lifters,or by in correct adjustmant of tappets if mechanical

How do you adjust valves on C240 Mercedes?

You don't... Hydraulic tappets are fitted. If they make a tapping noise occasionally that goes away get used to it, or add hydraulic tappet cleaner additive to the engine oil after an oil change. If they constantly make the tapping noise it's time to get them checked out. Could be expensive!

What cause a tapping noise in a Pontiac bonnieville?

It is normally caused by sticking hydraulic lifters or lifters that need adjustment. Try pouring one can of Seafoam in the crankcase. If it helps then change the oil at your normal interval and then add another can. You can buy it at any auto parts store and Walmart.

What causes the fuel injector's to tap real load then stop then tap again?

Fuel injectors don't tap. You are hearing the hydraulic valve lifters which are full of oil when functioning properly. Without sufficient oil they will make a tapping sound. If the car has sat for along time they will sometimes tap for a few seconds when you first crank it up. If yours valve lifters are tapping intermediately I would suggest checking your oil level and if that is OK you may have an oil pump going bad. If that should be the case do not drive the car as the motor will not get sufficient oil and will burn the bearings and kill the motor.

What do you do if the lifters are ticking in a grand prix?

lifters are normally quiet in operation check oil level if fine check oil pressure if ok could be wear on cam and lifters if so replace

How do you stop a lifter knock?

For noisy hydrolic lifters (eg Mitsubishi etc) Get some : PRO-MA MBL8 OIL ADDITIVEThis stuff works great and keeps them quiet for about 5000km in my turbo lancer

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