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Q: What oil is recommended for deep frying?
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Contrast pan frying and deep frying?

Pan frying is when you only have a shallow amount of oil in your pan while frying while deep frying is when you immerse the entire piece of food in the oil, hence ''deep fry''.

Is olive oil good for deep frying?

We cant say that olive oil is good but its better than any other oil for deep frying..

Can you add cold oil to hot frying oil?

No, that is not recommended at all.

Can you mix peanut oil and canola oil when deep frying?

Yes, you can.

Describe different methods of frying?

Deep, shallow and dry frying. Deep frying involves a full pan of heated oil. Shallow involves 1-2 cms of oil in the pan. Dry involves little or no oil.

What is shallow frying in cooking?

Shallow frying means you use very little grease/oil. That is opposed to deep frying where the food is submerged in the oil.

Advantages and disadvantages of deep frying?

The main advantage of deep frying would be an improvement in taste of the food, according to many. A clear disadvantage of deep frying is the high level of saturated fat in the food as the oil saturates it.

How healty is deep frying?

Deep frying is not healthy because you cook it in oil u could get fat and risk your life.

What is deep fat frying?

Deep fat frying is a cooking method in which the food is immersed completely in very hot oil.

What kind of oil to deep fry turkey?

Peanut Oil is best for frying.

Can you reuse the oil after using it in a deep frier?

Absolutely !!re-use oil from deep frying.

What is the best oil for deep frying?

There may be as many different answers to this question as there are chefs. Any oil used for deep frying needs to have a high smoke point, meaning that it will not smoke and scorch at the temperatures required for deep frying. Olive oil is generally not recommended because it has a low smoke point. Many chefs find that lard produces the best fried foods in terms of taste and crispness. Peanut oil or vegetable oil are often used. Vegetable shortenings have fallen out of favor because they are "trans fats," partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Can you deep fry with sunflower oil?

Yes, sunflower oil is commonly used for deep frying food.

What is swimming as a method of frying?

The food you are frying is covered in oil. It is also deep frying like you would for fish and chip's.

Can you use sunflower oil for deep frying?

Yes, you can.

Can you mix deep fat frying oils?

Yes, different oils can be mixed in deep fat frying, but one needs to be aware of the smoke point of different oils. For example, olive oil is not used for deep frying because it has a low smoke point. Peanut oil and lard have higher smoke points.

Advantages and disadvantages of frying?

The main advantage of deep frying would be an improvement in taste of the food, according to many. A clear disadvantage of deep frying is the high level of saturated fat in the food as the oil saturates it.

Why use peanut oil in deep frying?

Flavor and Texture

Is heating oil for deep frying until it boils chemical or physical?

it is chemical

Can you re-use peanut oil after cooking a turkey?

You could re-use peanut oil after deep frying your turkey, but its not recommended. Reheating cooking oil, any cooking oil, causes the oil to release certain chemicals and toxins that aren't good for consumption, so its not the best idea. If you want to get the most out of your cooking oil dollar, consider deep frying a second turkey, or perhaps a beef roast, along with your holiday bird. You can always debone and freeze the meat, and eat later. Deep fried turkey is wonderful, the best turkey I've ever had.

How hot should oil be for deep frying?

375 degrees Fahrenheit

Shallow fat frying calls for a quantity of fat how deep?

shallow frying means the food to be fried should not be completely dipped in oil while frying. For this, a flat pan is used rather than a deep bottom pan.

What is the difference between fried and deep fried?

fried, is when you cook any food in the frying pan and keep the saturated fat with it. Deep fried food, is when you cook it with FAT/OIL and keep the saturated fat as well. You can also distinguish between shallow fried and deep fried. Shallow fried is where you fry food in a little bit of oil in a frying pan, while deep fried refers to when you fry food in a lot of oil so that it is completely submerged in the oil while it is frying.

Can you deep fry water?

No. Adding water to oil at deep frying temperature will cause a steam explosion and oil will go everywhere and burn people.

What causes potato chips to be greasy?

Oil. They are deep-fried potatoes. The grease is the oil from the deep-frying process. Deep-frying is popular in the US. Many other countries actually bake potatoes instead for a healthier and less greasy snack.