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some vehicles can also take Automatic Transmission Fluid. but look in the owners manual to be certin Macs Transmissions (Houston, TX) 281-394-4951 Older vehicles used 90 wt Gear lube for MANUAL transmissions. Newer vehicles use 10 wt or other lighter oils. Refer to the owners manual to find out what is recommended.

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Q: What oil is used for manual transmissions?
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Can the wrong manual transmission fluid hurt your cars performance?

No, it is not hurt the car's performance. The manual transmissions are not as sensitive for the oil type. If a wrong oil has been used, the only thing can happen is the tranny get worn faster, but even the worn manual tranny still not hurt the car's performance. manual transmissions not need to change oils as frequently, and a manual transmissions are much longer lasting than automatic.

Are BMWs available with both automatic and manual transmissions?

BMWs are only available with manual transmissions at purchase. However, automatic transmissions may replace manual. There are only a few automatic transmissions which may be used in a BMW, so it is an expensive process.

What kind of Lube oil is used for a manual transmission on a 1994 jeep wrangler?

cottman transmissions suggest 75w 90 in manual transmission and ATF in the transfer case

What type fluid is used for a 1991 geo metro 5 speed manual transmission?

Just go to autoparts and ask them.They have gear oil for manual transmissions

99 Z24 check 5 speed trans oil?

manual transmissions don't have transmission oil !!!

Do NASCAR race cars use automatic transmissions?

No, they do not. Manual transmissions are used in Nascar race cars.

What kind of fluid for 95 grand am manual transmission?

manual transmissions take 90 weight gear grease / oil

What type of transmissions are there?

manual and automatic transmissions.

What type of transmission fluid do you use in your manual transmission?

Most manual transmissions use 80W90 gear oil. To be sure, check your owners manual. I have seen one use 30w motor oil.

Do all transmission need radiator lines?

No, just automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions do not need to be cooled as they are just a gear box with heavy gear oil in them.

Where do you put the transmission fluid in your 87 Honda accord but there is no dipstick or place to put it?

All Automatic Transmissions have a dipstick - Manual Transmissions don't always. Manual trannies use a gear oil called Hypoid Oil, usually 90 weight which is a very heavy (thick) oil. The location for adding Hypoid oil varies with car manufacturers.

Does a 2001 4-cylinder 5 speed dodge Dakota use grease or oil in transmission?

For operation? Oil. Grease might be used in a few spots when assembling transmission parts, but to actually run the transmission you need oil. Which oil depends on which transmission. Check your owner's manual for the specific type and grade of fluid; Manual transmissions will usually use gear oil, and automatic transmissions will use transmission fluid.

How a mainshaft gets lubricated in a manual transission system?

Most manual transmissions are splash lubricated.Most manual transmissions are splash lubricated.

Does a manual transmission have a torque converter?

No, a manual transmission uses a clutch. Torque converters are used on automatic transmissions.

Is an Acura TL manual?

If you're trying to ask if they have manual transmissions, the answer is no, they only had automatic transmissions with a "slapstick"style manual shift mode.

Why Do automatic transmissions need fluid and manuals don't?

Both types of transmissions use different types of lubricants specifically designed for that particular gear train . Automatic transmissions utilize a lower viscosity oil than a manual transmission which employs a heavier gear oil .

Does the 2000 GMC Jimmy SLS use a flywheel or a flexplate?

A flexplate is used in automatic transmissions while a flywheel is used in manual transmissions. The 2000 GMC Jimmy SLS appears to have a manual transmission, so it uses a flywheel.

Where is the transmission dipstick for a 94 5 speed cavalier?

manual transmissions do not use transmission fluid so you will not find a dip stick... manual transmissions use gear oil which should not usually need to be replaces unless it is burnt up.

Did 1992 rangers have automatic transmissions?

Yes , automatic or manual transmissions

What weight oil do you use in a manual transmission on a 1994 jeep wrangler?

The AX5 and AX15 transmissions use 75W90.

What fluid goes in a 1986 manual transmission?

Most standard transmissions take 85w90 gear oil. To be sure, check an owners manual or call a dealership.

What type of fluid is used in transmission?

Automatic transmissions usually use some variation of a (10 weight/high detergent) hydraulic oil. I believe there are three oil types: type1, type 2, and type 3. The ratings on the can or the vehicle owners manual will tell you which oil is correct for your vehicle. Standard transmissions generally use a heavier (60 - 90 weight) gear oil.

Do any manual transmissions need fluids?

all transmissions need fluid a manuel transmission uses gear box oil which is a heavier viscocity than auto transmission fluid

Is clutch pedals only found in cars with manual and automatic transmissions?

Clutch pedals are only found in cars with manual transmissions.

What type transmission oil 1990 5 speed manual Jeep Wrangler?

The ax5, AX15 transmissions in a 1990 Wrangler use 80W90 gear oil.