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The Paleolithic Stone Age (old) was when people were nomadic because they hadn't discovered farming yet. The discovery of agriculture was the difference between the two stone ages.


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Humans in the Stone Age lived a life that was basically nomadic and hunter gatherer.

The old Stone Age is characterized by the first use of stone tools and a nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The middle Stone Age is characterized by the beginning of the societal shift from nomadic to agrarian. The new Stone Age, or the Neolithic period is characterized by an agrarian lifestyle and the first domestication of plants and animals.

the last part of the Stone age occur

Stone age, nomadic hunter gatherers.

The Stone Age people did not live anywhere at first. The were a nomadic people. When they found a cave they would use it for shelter.

Peru's original inhabitats were the Incas, who were nomadic hunters in the Stone Age.

The Stone (Paleolithic) Age was followed by the New Stone (Neolithic) Age. Apparently, the major change was the development of Agriculture as climates started to warm due to the end of the last Ice Age. The domestication of land for farming and animals for their products allowed populations to expand a lot so that nomadic tribes could settle into small villages. By the end of the Neolithic Age, simple trade routes and chiefdoms existed along with some who remained nomadic for various reasons.

No. The Paleolithic Period is part of the Stone Age. The Stone Age also includes the Mesolithic Period and the Neolithic Period.

Old stone age means where the people used to go for hunting , ate raw fruits and never cooked the flesh of hunted animals. Old stone age people led a nomadic life .Where as new stone age means where the people started agriculture , and developed many scientific knowledge and also they started to believe in the natural things . New stone age people led a settled life.

The old stone age is also known as the Paleolithic Period. This period was the first occurrence of man using stone tools and began about 600,000 or 700,000 BCE. During this time period men were hunter, gatherers and nomadic. The middle Stone Age is also known as the Mesolithic Period. This period began at the end of the last glacial period of about 10,000 years ago. This period began the shift from a nomadic lifestyle to a agrarian lifestyle. The major difference between the two periods was that the middle stone age began the domestication of plants and animals.

in there Stone, Clay, or wood houses, Just lie people today. But if they were Nomadic The they traveled every where for food,water,hunting, ect.. Hope it helped

It was the first stone age, in which they learned to make and use stone tools. The people in this stone age were called the "Hunter Gatherers," because they were always hunting and gathering. Because of this, they were nomadic. One of the most important things that happened in the Paleolithic age was the discovery of taming fire. This made it possible to live through the Ice Age.

The Neolithic period is the last part of the Stone Age, see related link.

Stone age people did not know how to make items from copper.

They had to adapt to the conditions of the place that they moved to, because they were nomadic at the time.

In Europe and Asia the final stage of the stone age is known as the Neolithic. In Africa it is known as the Late Stone Age. America has a different chronological system.

Stone Age people were thought to be small nomadic family groups that spent most of the daylight hours in hunting and gathering food for the family group. Getting a job was very, very far into the future.

The people of the Stone Age were nomadic and didn't have communities nor a society. Resolving issues most likely was rather violent and consistent of war type behavior.

no nomads are part of the old stone age because they had to travel alot looking for new food. They never stayed in one spot long until the New stone age which is also known as the agriculture revolution.

The Neolithic Age was when they went through the farming revolution and became not just hunter gathers but farmers. It marked a move from nomadic living.

Yes, since the Neolithic era is part of the stone age. Back in the Paleolithic, they hunted and gathered food.

Old Stone Age vs New Stone Age; Similarities: stone tools, hunted wild animals, weapons, ate plants, OSA worked in groups, (cooperatively), NSA traded; (both types of cooperation); NSA: farmers, settled less nomadic, domestication of dogs, horses, camels, cattle, food surplus, increase in population,I got this info from

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