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In 2007, about 23% of U.S. "imported" oil came from the Middle East. This percentage includes the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia makes us 17% of that 23%. This is according to the U.S. Department of Economics.

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Percentage of world's oil comes from Middle East?

About 50% of the worlds oil comes from the southwest Asia area, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, etc

What percentage of oil is imported from the middle east in 2008?


What are the natural resources of middle east?

oil, natural gasses, very scarce but some types of waterOilGasPrimarily Oil and Natural Gas.The Middle East countries' mostly have oil. In fact they have most of the world's oil comes from the Middle East.

What will happened in the Middle East if the oil supply runs out?

The Middle East will never run out of Oil. They are too rich of a country. And the oil comes fromm underground so their is no way.

Over 50 percent of the oil produced in the middle east comes from?

it comes from Saudi Arabia, which is the largest oil producer in the world.

What percentage of oil does the US import from the middle east?

USA imports about 29 percent of its total oil need from Persian gulf countries or middle east with Saudi Arabia being the largest middle eastern exporter of oil to USA.

From which countries does Australia import crude oil from?

13% of Australia's crude oil comes from the middle east

Does the oil you use come all the way from Alaska?

Not most. Most oil comes from the Middle East.

Who controls the Middle East oil?

National governments of middle eastern nations control middle east oil.

Where can you buy oil?

the middle east is where oil comes from Iraq ect hey You don't need to be a pro to know im 11

Why is a large percentage of crude oil in the Middle East?

It is believed that the Middle East used to be a swamp 300 million years. Decaying swamp matter produces petroleum after millions of years.

Which middle east countries has lots of oil?

Israel. It is the country that produces and exports oil in the Middle East.

Do they buy the oil from middle east?

Many countries by oil from the middle east. (70% of all countries) :)

Why is oil sometimes difficult to get from middle east and more expensive?

oil spills happened in the middle east

What is the major export of the middle east?

The middle East major export is oil. About 2/3 of the worls known oil reserves are locasted in the Middle East.

Why does OPEC has a powerful role in the global economy?

It controls the amount of middle east oil released for sale to the world, and most of the world's oil comes from the middle east. Almost every nation on the planet Earth depends on OPEC to supply their oil requirements.

What country in the middle east is the leading producer of oil?

Saudi Arabia is the leading producer of oil in the Middle east.

What is the Middle East nation that you get oil from?

Nations around the Persian Gulf are the big producers of oil in the Middle East.

Why is the middle east said to have a comparative advantage in producing oil?

middle east nations can produce oil less expensivelyNova Net Answer: Middle east nations can produce oil less expensively.

What is the main resource in the middle east?

Oil is the main resources of the middle east.

What union was developed to control the production of oil in the middle east?

middle east

What is the richest resource in the middle east?

Oil is the richest resource in the middle east.

Where does most of the world oil come from?

The worlds most oil comes from middle east countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq and Algeria.

What is the major industry in the Middle East?

Oil and Gas is the top industry in the Middle East.

Which natural resources is abundant in the middle east which one is scare?

Oil is abundant in the middle east Water is scarce in the middle east

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