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local fast food restaurants. local food and wines. local paper shops

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Q: What places in the UK would take on a 15 year old?
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Can a 16 year old be responsible for a 6 year old without adult supervision?

Most places would not think anything about that. A 16 year old is considered old enough to take care of a child.

What is a good place to take a 15 year old girl on her birthday?

There are many great places to take a 15 year old girl on her birthday. You can arrange a spa visit for her. Another good choice would be a shopping spree.

How long would a 25 year old man go to jail for sleeping with a 16 year old girl?

In most places they would not go to jail. The age of consent in the majority of places is 16.

Can a 21 year old go to jail for dating a 16 year old?

For just dating, no. That's not illegal. In most places, it would not be illegal if they were to have sex too, because in most places the age of consent is 16. However in some places where the age of consent is higher then the 21 year old could go to jail because it would be illegal

Would an 18 year old get in trouble if he gets a 16 year old pregnant?

Probably not. The age of consent is 16 in most places.

Can a 13 year old be in relationship with a 16 year old?

They can be, as long as they don't have sex, because otherwise it would be illegal because the 13 year old is underage and in some places, so is the 16 year old.

Can a 18 year old move in with a 25 year old?

There is nothing that would prevent it in most places. There are a few where they would have to wait until they are 19 of even 21.

Can a 16 year old take a rifle to target shoot at the range alone?

In most places, no.

Can a 24 year old man go to jail for getting a 16 year old pregnant?

Not in most jurisdictions. There are a few places where it would be a crime.

Can a twenty year old be with a seventeen year old?

Yes, in most places it would not be a problem, as the age of consent is 16 or 17 in most states and countries.

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There are no laws about dating. In most places sexual activity would also be legal.

Can a 17 year old live with a 37 year old if her parents give permission?

Yes. In most places it would even be legal for them to have sexual contact.

What are the laws for a 23 year old dating a 16 year old in nebraska?

i would say illegal... probably frowned upon in majority of places...but that is just my opinion

What places can five fifteen year olds go to for a 15 year old girls birthday without their parents?

Very few places will take a reservation from a 15 year old for a party. The parents could make the arrangements, pay for it, and allow the party to happen without being there.

Can a 9 year old boy take the ball from Messi?

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Can a 23 year old get arrested for getting a 16 year old pregnant?

It will depend on the specific laws in the location where they are. In some places that would be sexual crime even if she consented.

Where can a 15-year-old girl get job in Indonesia?

A 15 year old girl would most probably take a job like selling cakes. Jobs at department stores and fast food places are for 17 years old and above. Although it is common to find 6 year olds selling cakes that are hand made. They would usually sell it at schools or little shops that their family own.

Where can someone purchase a toy train set for a 5 year old boy?

There are many places where a toy set can be purchased for a 5 year old boy. Some of the popular places to look would be a train hobby shop, eBay, or Amazon.

Can a thirty four year old man go to jail for having a child with a sixteen year old girl?

Laws depend on the state. In most places it would not be an issue, but there are some states were that would be too young.

Would it be bad for a 14 year old to take tonalin cla?

just tell me what could happen if i take them.

Is it legal for a 17 year old to be pregnant with a 23 year old's child?

In most states and countries it would not be illegal. In a few places it could be. Check the laws for your state or country.

Can an 18 year old have sexual contact with a 17 year old with his or her permission?

The age of consent varies from place to place. In some places, it is legal for an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old to have consensual sexual relations. In other places, it is illegal.

Is it illegal if an 18 year old gets a 17 year old pregnant?

It depends on where you live, because the age of consent is different in different countries and states. However, in most places the age of consent is 16, so it would not be illegal in those places

Can 18 year old girl after filing for emancipation take her 15 year old sister with her?

No, you would not be able to do that. Unless the parents give permission for the 15 year old to move. Or the 15 year old gets emancipated.

Would Niall date a girl who's 11 years old?

No, due to his age, a relationship with an 11 year old would raise ethical questions and be illegal in many places.