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What should you do if you are an abuser and you hate yourself?

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Take time to go some where that's catches you some scene and sit there and look and reflect on life how special it is and how you can change and how thinsg can be more worst than you believe you can hate your self but you wont get any where with doing that try to do something for some one else its hard but " trying something new there is a chance of failure but not trying is failing

AnswerAs painful as it's been for you, you just made the first giant leap! You admitted you are an abuser! You should be proud of yourself. There is lots you can do to get over this. Seek out counseling. Go to your doctor or Mental Health and be honest with them. You WILL NOT be judged if you are there for help.

Good luck!

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What should you do if you are a kid and have been abused?

Tell your school teacher you need to speak to the school counselor ASAP. And tell them.Tell someone who can help you!And when you're an adult, don't become an abuser yourself. Please. :)Don't try to get even, and defently don't get even. Don't hate your abuser either, if you hate, you'll be just as bad as the person who hates you. (Your abuser)Hope this helped and good luck!

Deberia odiarte por lo que haces?

You should hate yourself for what you do.

What should you answer if an interviewer asks to rate yourself between 1 to 10?

Rate Yourself An 8Say that you rate yourself 8. That's modest, but not as if you hate yourself.

If you hate being jewish what is that called?

If you hate Jews who are persons other yourself, you are Anti-Semite. If you are yourself a Jew and you hate yourself and other Jews, you are a Self-Hating Anti-Semite.Regardless of whether you are a Jew or not, you should not hate yourself. Please seek psychiatric help if that is the case, since it is more likely depression or some other psychological issue than actual cultural hatred.

How can you leave an abuser without him knowing?

See information in the related link below, which provides information on leaving an abuser, as well as how to protect yourself and your children.

Should you cry because of bullies?

I believe that bullies will make you hate yourself and you shouldn't. I believe that you should stand up for yourself and wash away those tears.

Should an animal abuser be able to keep their animal?

That's like asking "Should a child abuser be allowed to keep custody of their child?"

How does it feel to not hate yourself?

um... good ? When you don't hate yourself, you feel happy and content.

You are 10 and you hate your body and your face what should you do?

You should learn how to love yourself and maybe add something new to your style

What do you do when you are asked out on a date?

If you hate that person, say no. If you like that person, you should say yes.And be yourself.

Why don't i hate myself?

NOT hating yourself is a good thing. Is there some reason you think you should ?

What you should not do for an abuser person?

you shouldn't do anything

How do you change the lies from your abuser?

Well being lies you should be able to convince yourself they're not true and a good support group, friends, counselor, or minister should be helpful in affirming you of the truth

How do you stop hating yourself after an abusive relationship?

well you shouldn't hate yourself you should hate the person that abused you...because you didnt do anything wrong Answer: you shouldn't hate yourself neither the other person because it.was what you wanted at one time and if it turned out to be an abusive relationship so you learn what to do and what to avoid in the next relationship .

What do you do when you hate yourself?

you go and make yourself happy

Hate myself for loving you?

you shouldn't hate yourself for loving someone. love is a beautiful feeling never hate yourself it makes you feel confident.

Why do some abuse victims' love turn to hate after relationships end and is it possible they will love the abuser again?

The love turns to hate because the reality of what the abuser did sets in. Speaking as a victim of abuse, I don't think I could ever love my abuser again even if he said he's "changed" because of the reality of what he did to me, and the claims that he "changed" so many previous times during the abuse.

My girlfriend dumped me should i take revenge?

Dont take revenge. She will hate you and you will hate yourself. People get dumped everyday and get over it. You will stop hurting soon.

What should you do if all of your friends hate you?

Don't worry about it, because they wouldn't hate you if they were your real friends, so just stay to yourself and ignore those haters.

Do sharks fear shark blood?

sharks hate other shark blood you should see for yourself

What song are the lyrics I know why you hate me I know why you hate yourself from?

My plague

Should straight people hate gay people?

No, you should not. Can you imagine the immense pain hating them causes being inflicted upon yourself? It would drive you mad. Remember the Golden Rule.

What should cabin crew do if passanger abuses her?

Have the abuser arrested.

Was your abuser really that bad if you feel worse without him?

Abusers are bad. Period. It is common for someone who has been abused to feel lonely when the abuser becomes absent, but it is because of the stress of change. If you feel yourself running back to your abuser, get help. The situation will only escalate otherwise.

Do kids abused by parent love or hate parent?

kids will love their abuser because they want to have that relationship with their family - Kay Kay

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