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Well, he's the father no matter if it's with another woman so he has obligations to that child (or should.) The fact is, he's cheated, got caught, and ruined two lives here (possibly 3 with a new baby on the way.) Kick this guy to the curb! He has hurt you by cheating on you and now has made a real mess of things. I highly doubt this guy has what it takes to be responsible for this new babe, and he'll dump the other woman and just keep moving on without taking any responsibility for his actions. Don't get mad over it, because guys like this are useless and usually end up alone and miserable with many regrets in their lives. Be thankful you know now and move on. Always hold yourself high re your respect level and don't take anything less than what you give other people. You deserve better! Tell him to get out and keep moving. I know, I did it with my first husband and I never looked back and I never regretted it. Just so you know your life won't end there, I met a wonderful man and have been happily married for 33 years. You'll find that special someone too. Good luck Marcy Regardless of whether you stay with him or not, he probably will be legally obligated to support this child. So if you're married to him, your finances will be affected as well. Unless he wants no relationship with this child (and he may change his mind) this child will be a painful reminder of what happened. It also depends if you would be open to having this child ever visit your home, or be around any children you have or may have. If you plan to divorce him, do so now, and if you have children with your husband, try to hammer out a solid support/custody/visitation arrangement now, before he potentially gets stuck in a legal quagmire with this other woman.

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Q: What should you do when he tells you the other woman is pregnant?
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