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should be the same temperature as your thermostat rating...generally around 190 to 195 degrees.

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Q: What should your coolant temperature be when the car is in idle?
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Why does the car engine temperature increase during idle?

Car engine temp's increase at idle primarily because there is little or no air flowing through the radiator coils to cool the engine coolant. This is partly because the car is not moving, and partly because the cooling fan usually will not activate until a certain temperature is reached.

How do I fix a High idle on a 1995 Saturn SL2?

Replace the engine coolant temperature sensor. Your car has two, replace the one with the 2 wire connector

Where should the coolant temperature be when the car idles?

In a car with a properly working cooling system, the coolant temp should be around the same whether the car is idling or running. There should be little variation. The car should warm up to that temperature quickly after a cold start.The temp would depend on your car make and sometimes engine size and characteristics. In general, however, it should be a little lower than boiling. For example, the normal operating coolant temp on a jeep grand Cherokee is 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is coolant in a car's radiator pressurized?

Pressurised coolant boils at a higher temperature than unpressurised

Where is coolant temp gauge sensor on 95 town car?

The 1995 Lincoln Town Car coolant temperature gauge sensor can be found on the front of the engine. The coolant temperature sensor will be a few inches above the thermostat housing.

Does a car use more coolant in the cold?

In short no. Your cars cooling system is a sealed unit therefore it should not use any coolant whatsoever no matter the ambient temperature.

What is ect on automatic car?

"Engine coolant temperature" sensor

Why is your car temperature Rising while at an idle and then goes down when you are moving?

When your car is at idle there is no air flow to cool the radiator, but when your car moves the air flow through the radiator cools it down. I would suspect the radiator fan is not coming on when it should. If the fan is working properly the engine temperature should stay fairly constant assuming the thermostat is also working properly.

Why does the car idle up and down while in park?

check coolant level, also check for a vacuum leak.

Why does your 92 Camry LE V6 idle high when you first start it up?

If it's cold outside, it's because ECU use ambient temperature sensor and coolant sensor to manage RPMs. After you start the car the coolant temperature is low and ECU sets RPMs very high, when it gets warm RPMs drop down until engine reaches operating temperature.

Why does my temperature gage only works when car is idle?

Stuck open thermostat.

What does it mean when the temperature gauge rises while the car is accelerating?

You engine is generating more heat than can be removed by the cooling system. You should pull over, shut your engine and carefully (it will be very hot) remove the radiator cap to check the coolant level in your car. If you know where it is, you can check the coolant reservoir. If you are missing coolant, add enough to bring it to the correct level and monitor it for leaks. Otherwise you may have a problem with the cooling pump.

What does the code PO117 Engine coolant temperature circulating low input mean for a 2000 Chevy Astro Van?

Monitor your engine temperature and your coolant levels. Chances are you need to add more coolant to the car.

What happens if engine coolant is put in while the car is off?

After coolant is added run vehicle to normal operating temperature and re-check coolant level

Why is the thermostat on your 206 on red when your car is cool?

The Coolant Temperature sensor is defective.

Can an idle car engine be daming to your car motor?

sitting with your car on at an idle is bad over time...the motor starts to overheat because no cold air is coming in and the engine will use all the engine coolant trying to cool itself.. turn your car off if you are stopped for a long period!!!

How do you bleed the coolant system of a 1995 Chevy Cavalier?

One way is to let the car idle with the reservoir cap off, called "burping" should get rid of most air pockets in the engine.

What is a sentence using the word thermocouple?

The thermocouple which measured the car's coolant temperature failed and so the car overheated.

What does the thermostat on a car do?

The thermostat in a car regulates the coolant temperature inside the engine. When the engine is cold, the thermostat is closed, allowing the heat from the combustion chamber to heat the fluid (coolant) in the coolant galleys in the engine block. Once the engine reaches an optimal temperature, the thermostat opens, allowing coolant to flow through the radiator. The thermostat then controls the flow of coolant to hold the engine at its optimum operating temperature, irrespective of engine load and operating condtions.

Why does heater blow cold air at idle Only blows hot air when accelerating Temperature gauge shows normal Lincoln Town Car Identical question also listed but not yet answered?

Check coolant level

What causes a car to hard start in the morning?

the coolant temperature sensor could be faulty.......

What warns you if the coolant in a car engine is too hot?

This is called the Temperature light or gauge

Integra temperature gauge is moving up and down?

probably means u need to change the coolant for the car,leaking coolant sumwhere

Does car need to be running when putting in coolant?

yes, should never add coolant to cold engine

What does a fan do in a car?

The fan draws air through the radiator to cool the engine when the car is stopped when driving the airflow through the grille does the job it is the water pump that circulates the coolant in the engine most fans are equipped with a temperature sensing clutch so they just idle at highway speeds