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the caliper bolt should be a 13mm and the bracket or "bridge" bolt should be an 18mm or a 21mm

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Q: What size bolt is it to remove the caliper bracket on a 1999 f150?
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What size is the bolt to the brake caliper for 1994 Cadillac sedan deville?

The Rear Caliper Bottom Bolt head size is 12 mm. The Top bolt is enclosed only making it a slide bolt therefore you cant and really have no need to remove it. So the only bolt you should remove is the bottom 12mm head bolt. Then there will be a 14mm bolt that will hold the Emergency Brake Cable Bracket to the Caliper. Loosen this bolt and remove the Emergency Brake Cable Bracket from the Caliper. Then pry the bottom of the caliper up off the disc. This will allow you to swing the caliper up then push the caliper back to slide the caliper off the enclosed bolt slide at the top of the caliper. This will allow access to the inside and outside pads to remove them and allow you to press and rotate the Piston (Push and Twist-in Pistons) back into the Caliper with the right Brake Caliper Compression tool. The rear two Caliper Bracket bolt head sizes are 18mm. You must remove the Caliper bracket in order to remove the rear brake disc. The Front Brake Caliper Bolt is a 3/8" Allen head bolt. There will be two bolts holding the front calipers to the Spindle. The Front calipers are standard push-in Pistons.

How do you replace front disc brakes on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

To replace brake pads and rotor: Unbolt wheel, unbolt caliper, remove caliper, unbolt caliper bracket, remove rotor, replace rotor, bolt up bracket, compress caliper, replace pads, replace caliper, bolt up caliper, bolt up wheel, repeat whole thing on other side...

What are the torque specifications for a 2000 venture caliper bolt?

not sure from your question which caliper bolts you mean. the caliper to mounting braket bolt is 63 foot-pounds (these are the two bolts per caliper that you remove to change the pads. They are a pin and pass through a rubber boot). caliper mounting bracket to suspension is 137 foot-pounds (these are the two bolts per bracket that you also remove if you are changing the rotor disk). the factory uses red loctite on them and they are a bear to get out.

You are trying to remove rear caliper 1999 aurora Unlike the front you can only find one caliper mount bolt lower Can not get caliper loose?

Disengage the parking brake before attempting to remove the caliper.

What size wrench is needed to remove a caliper bolt on a 1999 Toyota Corolla?

14 mm

How do you change brake calipiers on a 1996 Chevy s10?

Remove wheel, remove the bolt holding brake hose to the caliper, remove the two pins that hold the caliper to the caliper bracket using a 3/8" allen wrench, remove caliper. Inspect brake pads and brake hose for damage, replace if necessary. Install new brake caliper in reverse order. Bleed system.

How do you release a rotor from caliper mounting bracket?

The caliper mounting bracket, in 99% of vehicles, needs to be unbolted from the axle before it will release the rotor. There are usually only two bolts holding it. Sometimes you can remove the top bolt, loosen the bottom and swing the mounting bracket out of the way. Sometimes you have to take both bolts completely out and dismount the bracket.

What is the part name that the brake calipers bolt onto on a 1993 Chevy s10 blazer?

Assuming this is a 4+4 vehicle, the caliper bolts on to the caliper bracket. The caliper bracket bolts on to the steering knuckle.

How do you remove the spare tire on a 2002 ford ranger?

You will need a ratchet and a socket to remove it. You get under the rear of the truck and you will see the bolt and bracket holding the tire in place. Remove the bolt and the bracket hinges downward. You will need a ratchet and a socket to remove it. You get under the rear of the truck and you will see the bolt and bracket holding the tire in place. Remove the bolt and the bracket hinges downward.

How do you remove rear caliper on 2006 Malibu?

1. Remove the brake hose to caliper bolt from the brake caliper. 2. Remove the brake hose from the brake caliper. 3. Remove and discard the 2 copper brake hose gaskets. These gaskets may be stuck to the brake caliper and/or the brake hose end. 4. Cap or plug the opening in the brake caliper and the brake hose to prevent fluid loss and contamination. 5. Remove the 2 brake caliper pin bolts. Remove the park brake cable from the caliper. 6. Remove the brake caliper from the brake caliper bracket.

What type of wrench is needed to remove caliper bolt on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

I believe it's either a 40 or 45.

How do you change rear brakes on a 1999 Cadillac STS?

Unfasten the bottom bolt ,lift the caliper up ( Its on a spring and hinge ) remove the pads . Screw the piston clockwise until it bottoms out , then lower the caliper and reinstall the lower bolt.

Where is the brake caliper bushing on a 2004 trailblazer?

brake caliper bushings are the rubber mounts that sit inside the caliper bolt holes. They help guide the bolts when bolting the caliper up to the caliper bracket.

What size Allen socket is needed to remove caliper bolt on a 2004 Escape?

What size Allen socket is needed to remove bolt from caliper on 2004 ford escape

What sizebolts hold on the front brake caliper for a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

If memory serves, 18mm. That would be the bracket bolt. The caliper bolt has a 9mm thread.

What is the torque spec for front brake caliper bolts on a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe?

_________________________________________Front caliper bracket mounting bolt-148 ft-lb Front caliper guide pin bolt-74 ft-lb

How do you remove the rear rotor of a 1997 Mitsubishi GST Eclipse?

Rear Rotor Removal. remove wheel. Remove the 14mm bolt holding the e brake "L" shaped hanger before the caliper, pry ebrake arm forward and remove cable end from ebrake arm locate the 12mm bolt on the right hand side of the caliper, remove bolt swing caliper upwards to ensure looseness. locate 2 17mm bolts holding brake caliper bracket to hub assembly, remove bolts. locate 10mm bolt holding brake line to strut, remove. lift brake caliper off wheel assembly careful to not hang weight by brake line. pull rotor off of the wheel studs. to re assemble repeat steps in reverse.

What size tool do I need to remove caliper bolts from Mercedes 1999 E320 to replace the pads.?

this is a special design guide (not a regular bolt)

What is the brake caliper bolt size on a 2000 Chevrolet truck?

A 3/8" Allen wrench will remove that bolt on the front caliper.

How do you get to the horn on a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?

Remove the front bumper fascia.Unplug the horn electrical connector and remove the bracket bolt.

How do you fit the brake pads into the clips on the rear brakes of a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Remove lower caliper bolt (actually the upper one is a pin), lift the caliper, replace pads. The clips and the bracket might however need some cleaning.

How do you remove the rear disk brake pads on a 2001 Nissan Maxima?

* Remove the cap from the brake fluid reservoir.remove about two thirds of the fluid from the reservoir * Loosen the rear wheel lug nuts,raise and support the rear of the car on securely on jackstands * Remove the wheels.Work on one brake assembly at a time using the other assembly as a reference * Clean the brake assembly then remove the parking brake cable clip and unhook the cable from the lever.Unscrew the upper caliper bolt * Pivot the caliper out of the mounting bracket and remove the inner pad and the outer pad * Remove the upper and lower pad retainers.Remove the anti-rattle spring from the caliper and inspect it;if its cracked or otherwise damaged replace it * Remove the shims from the pads to use on new pads.Wipe off the caliper pin and lubricate it with high-temperature grease,then reinstall it in the caliper mounting bracket

On a 98 olds cutlass the two knuckle botls on the brake caliper bracket would not come loose?

The knuckle bolts on the brake caliper bracket for a 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass can be a problem to get loose because of rust and dirt buildup. A bolt loosening spray, like Liquid Wrench, can help free the bolt.

How do you install disc brakes on the front of a 1987 Isuzu Trooper?

This is a pretty easy brake job, once you realize how to deal with the top caliper bolt. To start, set ebrake, jack and secure vehicle. Remove tire... The caliper looks like most disc brake calipers at first. You use a metric 14mm socket to remove lower caliper bolt. The top "bolt" is not really a bolt at all. Its basically just a hole on the caliper that slides onto a shaft that is attached to the caliper bracket. All you do is remove that lower bolt, the insert a screwdriver between the lower side of the caliper and the bracket and pry it up and out. The entire caliper will pivot up and then you push it towards the center of the vehicle and it will slide right off. You simply remove the pads and use a C-clamp to compress the brake piston back to a fully open position and then insert new pads and reassemble. *Note: You will want to remove the brake fluid cap before you compress the brake pistons on both sides. Then check fluids and secure the cap again when done. Your initial brake pedal step will go to the floor and then it will pump tight. Do a test drive and you should be good to go...

Changing rear brake pads on a cadillac?

remove caliper. may be chrome cap on top bolt you have to remove to get to the 8mill bolt. slide off caliper and press in piston. change pads and reinstall