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Don't be a jerk and mind your own business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea seriously what is wrong with you I agree mind your own business and quite being a douche.


go to and they will do the rest. I used this site for my ex that would not pay child support and enjoyed his brand new truck. They did a great job and I got paid 100.00 cash.

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Q: What steps do you take to turn in someone that is hiding their car from the repo man if you do not know who the repo man is?
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If you know that someone is hiding their car from the repo man at your home who do you notify?

You need to know who the leinholder/lender is OR which repo company is looking for it. The VIN is used to trace the leinholder. IF you need more help, email me.

Who do I contact to turn in someone who is hiding a car due to repossession?

If you know who there finance company is you can call them directly. Or you can call the repo comapany. Some finance companies and repo companies actually give a reward for contacting them and telling them where it is.

If you know where someone is hiding their car from repo is there a way to let the creditor or the police know where it is?

POLICE dont care/cant get involved. Lender would love to know. Do you know who the lender is? If so, give them a call.

Is hiding a repo a crime in California?


A finance company is trying to repo your car in Tennessee can you get in trouble for hiding it?


Can you be arrested in ga for hiding a car from the repo man?

Yes, you can be arrested for theft.

Will your car get repo out of town?

Yes and you will face up to 3 to 5 years for hiding it

What if someone moves changes their insurance to match their new address and does not tell the lender then the car goes into repo?

Yes, that can be considered "HIDING" and as you may know, that is against the law in CA. Call the lender today and tell them your new add. Good Luck

In Georgia can you be arrested for hiding your vehicle from the repo man?

I feel sure that the state will not get the collection field

In Oklahoma can you be arrested for hiding your automobile from a repo man?

Yes it is considered as grand theft auto

Does the repo man look for the car at your family and friends house as well?

He will try to find out where you are hiding it if that is what you are doing.

Is there a repo list in Illinois to see if your car is on it?

want to know if my car is on a repo list

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