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What steps do you take to turn in someone that is hiding their car from the repo man if you do not know who the repo man is?


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2013-01-11 03:17:46
2013-01-11 03:17:46

Don't be a jerk and mind your own business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea seriously what is wrong with you I agree mind your own business and quite being a douche.


go to and they will do the rest. I used this site for my ex that would not pay child support and enjoyed his brand new truck. They did a great job and I got paid 100.00 cash.


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You need to know who the leinholder/lender is OR which repo company is looking for it. The VIN is used to trace the leinholder. IF you need more help, email me.

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If you know who there finance company is you can call them directly. Or you can call the repo comapany. Some finance companies and repo companies actually give a reward for contacting them and telling them where it is.

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POLICE dont care/cant get involved. Lender would love to know. Do you know who the lender is? If so, give them a call.

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Yes, that can be considered "HIDING" and as you may know, that is against the law in CA. Call the lender today and tell them your new add. Good Luck

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