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What things happened during the great depression?

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The Bonus Army marched on Washington, DC protesting about the government's failure to provide the "Bonus" promised them for fighting in WW1.Roosevelt setup the CCC and WPA to get people back to work, began the New Deal, started Social Security, and payed farmers to plow crops to prop up prices. Congress tried to stop most of Roosevelt's actions.

Prohibition was repealed.

Many US citizens joined the Communist Party, worried that Capitalism was failing.

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Death during the Great Depression?

happened alot

What happened during year 1933?

The great depression

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The Great Depression happened in the 1930s and 1940s. Taylor Swift was born in 1989, so she was not around during the Great Depression.

What were some things that people did to survive during the Great Depression?

I am learning about the Great Depression too!

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there was no money!

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they have to work

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Many teens got jobs to help their families... APEX

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Steak tartare

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dust storms

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The Great Depression

What happened to the American communist party during the Great Depression?


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Many people became hobos.

Was there a Great Depression in Ireland?

there was a great depression in Ireland, but it happened during the 1980's and 1990's, instead of the 1930's

What was conditions like for African Americans during the Great Depression?

Conditions during the great depression was terrible people lost there jobs and the things they owned.

What 2 things happened during the great depression?

Many people lost there homes and jobs and World War 2 got us out of it.

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The great depression.

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In actually happened in 1936 during the Great Depression! :> :)

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what happened during the great depression in n1930's

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the farmers lost work because the could not sell anything because of the great depression.