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On a 1998 Daewoo Matiz after doing a few jobs on it ,it wouldn't i checked the spark from the dizzy cap no spark while turning the engine over. the reason turned out to be the ignition another one and hey presto starts first time.if your engine is sparking then it could only be the belt timing check the timing or better still get someone else to look at it as you may not see where you went wrong .ged

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โˆ™ 2006-05-06 15:25:27
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Q: What to cause a 1999 daewoo not to start after changing timing belt water pump spark plugs?
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Does the timing have to be checked when changing out the spark plugs on a 2001 Intrigue?

No. Ignition timing is totally controlled electronically, and changing plugs will not have a direct effect. You can always check it with a timing light if you want, but there's nothing to adjust.

Do you need to set the timing after changing the plugs on your Chevy Tahoe?


Do you need to do the timing after changing the spark plugs?

no the plugs just delivers the spark. you only need to do timing if u pull the distributor out of the block or do a timingChan or if the distributor slips

What would cause a vehicle to have lack of power after changing the spark plugs and wires?

wrong plug gap, wires on wrong, cap is cracked, timing moved when you put cap on

Why would oil leak from your engine after changing plugs and wires?

Changing the plugs and plug wires correctly has nothing to do with nor can it cause an oil leak.

Why is my 99 VW New Beetle hesitating?

timing off, spark plugs need changing take it in and have it looked at

What might cause a Chevy trailblazer from cranking after changing the spark plugs?

What huh?

Why do you keep changing spark plugs?

You change plugs because the continual sparking erodes the electrode, which slowly retards the ignition timing, which then makes the engine run inefficiently,

What is the cost of changing a timing belt on a 2003 Lexus RX?

It willrun $450.00 and change plugs are 240.00 labor plus parts

Why wont a 1992 dodge spirit start after changing head gaskets and plugs?

incorrect ignition timing, no fuel pressure, or no spark.

What would cause a car to sputter when it accelerates?

bad fuel bad spark plugs incorrect timing

2000 w plate vauxhall vectra misfiring and not revving properly Whats the solution?

Try changing the spark plugs and have the timing checked.

Is there a order to Fl injetor on93volvo 2.3L I unplud all?

yes, its about the timing do one at a time if you are changing them, same for spark plugs too

Could changing the spark plugs cause the check engine light to come on in a 95' Tercel?


Do you need to adjust the timing when you change the spark plugs?

there is no timing when you change the spark plugs the car adjusts itself

Why does your 1994 Ford Ranger4 cyl.stumble on acceleration from a dead stop after changing spark plugs air filer and fuel filter?

Timing belt slipping or stretched?

What would cause the 92 Ford Aerostar to stall while idling?

The most likely cause of a 1992 Ford Aerostar stalling while idling is bad spark plugs. The plugs should be changed and the timing checked to resolve the problem.

How do you replace the spark plugs for 2001 Daewoo Lanos?

Remove the 4 screws holding the top cover. You can then get to the plug wires and the plugs.

Can spark plugs cause hesitation during acceleration on a 2001 ford windstar?

Yes, absolutely!See "Related Questions" below for much more about changing Windstar plugs and wires

What can cause a 2002 ranger to backfire?

timing could be off. Bad spark plugs, crossed wires bad coil. Lots of things.

What cause hunting in Kia Sportage 1998?

hunting or loaping can be needing a tune up, the timing belt very loose, bad spark plugs or wires, etc. Blocked fuel filter . So their are many issues that cause this. Remember do your basics, spark plugs , wires, fuel filter, check your timing belt. and usually most of your problems will disappear.

Changing spark plugs 2005 Mitsubishi endeavor and what brand of spark plugs are recommended?

NGK platinum plugs

What could cause engine vibration?

A damaged or deteriorated engine mounting. Possibly a bad harmonic damper if the timing or firing of the spark plugs is off, then this will cause the engine to shake unevenly.

What could cause an engine to backfire after changing spark plugs?

wrong spark plug wire configuration. Check to see if two are backwards.

Why does my 97 dodge Dakota quit every time you stop?

The engine might need a general tune-up. Changing the spark plugs and adjusting the timing is all part of routine maintainance of the vehicle. Also, check the fuel filter ... one that is partially clogged could cause this, too.