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A simple pair of locking pliers (vice-grips)

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Q: What tool is used to remove a stripped side post battery terminal?
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What is the best tool to remove a stripped side post battery terminal?

vise gripps. make sure they have good teeth on them, and clamp down tight

Replace battery 2004 Dodge Durango?

REMOVAL Turn the ignition switch to the Off position. Be certain that all electrical accessories are turned off. Loosen the battery negative cable terminal clamp pinch-bolt hex nut. Disconnect the battery negative cable terminal clamp from the battery negative terminal post. If necessary, use a battery terminal puller (2) to remove the terminal clamp from the battery post. Loosen the battery positive cable terminal clamp pinch-bolt hex nut. Disconnect the battery positive cable terminal clamp from the battery positive terminal post. If necessary, use a battery terminal puller (2) to remove the terminal clamp from the battery post. Remove the battery cables from the battery. Remove the battery thermal guard (1). Remove the battery hold down bolt (1) and battery hold down (2) from the battery. WARNING: Wear a suitable pair of rubber gloves (not the household type) when removing a battery by hand. Safety glasses should also be worn. If the battery is cracked or leaking, the electrolyte can burn the skin and eyes. Remove the battery from the battery tray.

Does car battery leak said post is broken?

Answer 1 - Leakage at a Battery Terminal PostNO, a leak at a battery terminal post does not usually indicate a broken post. Car battery terminal posts are very tough, and usually do not break, especially before the plastic battery case breaks. Usually, a leak around a car battery terminal post is caused by a failure of the SEAL of the case plastic cast around the terminal post. This can be caused by a manufacturing or material defect, from abuse, or from vibration.

What is another word for battery post?

The correct name is the "terminal" of the battery.

Positive car battery terminal gets too hot to touch is that normal?

No, Remove the terminal and clean with wirebrush until both the clamp and battery post are shiny.Re-install.The heating problem should be eliminated.

Why does trying to place battery terminal on to battery post it welds?

You have the connections reversed.

Wiring the starter solenoid on a 1986 ford crown vic?

One large terminal post to battery Other large terminal post to starter Small terminal post to trigger wire If extra small terminal post disregard

Which battery post do you connect first when replacing a car battery?

You connect the positive terminal first.

How do you tighten a stripped nut on a battery post?

Best just to remove the nut and replace it with an new one, or grab a pair of pliers and tighten it that way if you absolutely need to.

Where is the negative battery terminal located on a 2004 Hyundai Tucson?

The negative battery terminal is marked with an minus (-) sign on the battery next to the post. It is the one with the black cable connected to it.

Top or side post battery for 1991 cadillac develle?

original battery and cables were side terminal

When insatlling a battery what cable goes on what post?

There are typically two cables, one is usually red and the other black. The black cable attaches to the negative terminal on the battery and the red wire connects to the positive terminal on the battery. When removing the battery from the vehicle always remove the negative cable from the battery first. When installing the new battery always connect the negative cable to the battery last.

Can a 1998 Ford Escort use a side post battery?

No it uses a top post battery because the terminal ends don't fit the two.

How do you repair a stripped side post in a car battery?

If the post has actually come out or is loose and wiggles there is generally nothing possible that can be done to repair it, the entire battery will need to be replaced.

Which terminal on a car starter do you connect the negative?

To the battery post with the " - " symbol not the one with the " + "

What is the difference between battery code 27 and 27F?

The difference between these two battery codes is the arrangement of the terminal posts. When the battery is installed correctly in a vehicle, as you're looking at it from the front of the vehicle, a 27 will have the negative post on the left side and the positive post on the right. A 27F battery has opposite post positions...positive terminal on the left and negative on the right.

How do you reset the computer on a 2000 SC1 Coupe?

Unhook the pos terminal of the battery. touch the pos terminal lead to the ground post on the battery. The computer is now reset. Its that easy!

How do you hook up a dc amp meter?

You disconnect your negative (-) battery terminal and connect one of the meter's probes to the (-) battery cable and the other terminal to the (-) battery post. Set your multimeter to mA/A and select DC.

How do you change the battery on your 1997 Chevrolet Lumina?

make sure the key is in the off position, remove battery post don't let the red on touch anything this is a hot wire. Remove the battery, ( if you have a post holding the battery inplace lossen bolts move handle and remove battery, replace battery the same way. DON'T LET THE RED POST HIT ANYTHING THIS IS A HOT POST YOU WILL BLOW SOMETHING UP.

How can you reset the ecu on a 2000 Kia Sephia?

Take the positive battery terminal loose and touch it to the negative terminal post for 30 seconds. Then put the positive terminal back on.

How do you remove the battery on a 1996 Grand Prix?

remome negative post first. Then remove coner frame brace. remove washer fluid container. remove positive post. remove batter locking block. turn battery sideways so positive side points to the front of the car. then at an angle remove battery from tray. install do reverse make sure the last thing you do is connect negative battery post.

How do you remove the battery cables on an AC Delco?

I assume you mean the side post batteries used typically by GM vehicles. There is a small bolt in the middle of the side post terminal. Remove the bolt and the cable will be disconnected. NOTE! Remove the negative tereminal first to reduce the potential for shorting out your tools and potentially burning you.

What is the best way to replace the battery in a 95 Toyota Previa Need to know what to remove and what not to remove?

well pop your hood. you're going to need a 12mm socket to unbolt the battery post so then you can remove your battery. that's all. just make sure you remove the + and the - post so you can take out the battery.

Where is the battery in a 1995 Chevy Lumina?

The battery is located under the windshield wiper reservoir. You may need to remove the sir filter housing to get to it also. Its driver side front and its side post. Negative terminal is closer to the front of the vehicle.

How do you charge a dead battery on a 2003 Saturn?

Remove battery cover and connect charger to side post battery.