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What tools do you need to change the front brake pads on a 2004 Chevy Cavalier?


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One tool, a telephone book. Call a mechanic and get the job done correctly.


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You rem ve caliper, remove old pads, fit new ones.

Does Chevy cavalier have front shocks

All Cavaliers from '94 to '04 use a 3/8 Allen key on calipers.

Here. It help me..

The speed sensor(s) are located behind the brake discs on the front end

My 2003 Cavalier uses a 3/8 hex key. It probably should be the same.

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1999 Chevy Cavalier. Remove the brake spring and the caliper. The brake pads will come off. Tap on the rotor with a hammer or mallet. The rotor will slide off. Reverse the process to install the new brakes and rotor.

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Location of horn on 97 Chevy cavalierit is inside the front right bumper by the marker light

You have to remove the calipers and brake pads to change the brakes on a Chevy Equinox. There's a how to video included below in the related links section that will show you how to change them.

It sounds like you have more probalem than wheel bearing. TAke it to a front end shop

The horn on a 2002 Chevy Cavalier is located in the front of the engine compartment. It is just behind the small air holes in the front fender on the passenger side of the vehicle.

how to change front brake pads on a 2003 neon

The third generation of Chevy Cavaliers was from 1995-2005. So, you would think they would be compatible. However, Chevy gave the Cavalier a face lift in 2000. You can see more pictures and find more information here:

You probably have the brake pads reversed. There is one for the front side and another for the rear. The shorter one should be in the front.

botto right front under fender

its under the intake in the front of the engine

4x8 in the front and 6x9 in the rear

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