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What turns the gear on the ford 150 49 liter distributor?


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It should be turned by a gear on the cam shaft

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The oil pump is driven by the distributor drive gear on a V8.The oil pump is driven by the distributor drive gear on a V8.

The oil pump drive gear, which is driven by the camshaft, drives the distributor.The oil pump drive gear, which is driven by the camshaft, drives the distributor.

Either the gear on the end of the distributor shaft is chewed off or the gear that drives it is . Possibly broken cam.

There is a hexagonal rod between the oil pump and distributor. As the distributor turns so does the oil pump. The newer DIS engines use a distributor plug that retains the drive gear for the oil pump rod.

If it has a distributor, then that is what drives the oil pump. The camshaft is what makes the distributor turn.If it does not have a distributor then the gear on the oil pump slides over the front of the crankshaft and turns when the crankshaft turns and that is what makes the oil pump work. Early 99 models had a distributor, and the late 99 did not have one.

Typical: Remove distributor. Use punch to tap roll pin from gear at base of distributor. Use an arbor press (not a hammer) to press distributor mainshaft out of gear. Shaft will then easily come free of the distributor. If a hammer is used, now replace the complete distributor. Unbolt the pickup and replace. Reinstall shaft and gear being sure that gear hole aligns with shaft hole. Install a new roll pin. Install in vehicle. Set ignition timing.

You need to turn the motor so the first piston is at top of the cylinder to remove the distributor.

Remove the clamp for distributor. Remove distributor, making a note how it is orientated for #1 position. Also check which way slot in drive faces for reasssembly. With a strong magnet, reach down in distributor hole and allow magnet to pull up on distributor drive gear...if it is reluctant to move...rotate drive gear back and foreward with a screwdriver in the gear center, while pulling up with the magnet. Drive also turns the oil pump and it may need a slight engine turn to free it up..

Is there just a gear or a timing chain on a 1985 ford bronco 11 2.8 liter V 6.

One thing I know is that the Ford 2.8 L V6 engine doesn't have a timing chain or timing belt . It has a large gear on the end of the camshaft that meshes (spelling ? ) with a smaller gear on the end of the crankshaft - (Helpfull)

The roll pin in the distributor drive gear may be broken. Remove distributor and check. Camshaft broken, But not very common in stock engines. Timing chain broken. Not common either. Cam gear on the timing gear may be striped off/teeth gone. Check timing chain.

If my memory is correct you need a distributor from a Chevy inline 6, a distributor drive gear from an AMC 360 V8, and plug wires from a Ford inline 6

There is a oil pump drive rod that fits into the bottom of the distributor and the gear that's on the bottom of the distributor runs on the gear that's on the rear of the camshaft.

The distributor drive gear would be part of the camshaft. The camshaft would have to be replaced.

Only if you change the drive gear. The gear is different on the 289/302/351W distributor. Outside of that it will work.

No , the Ford 4.9 liter / 300 cubic inch straight six cylinder engine has a gear on the end of the crankshaft that meshes with a gear on the end of the camshaft , so it does not use a timing chain or timing belt

The distributor will need to be removed. The magnet is permanently attached to the distributor shaft and the shaft is held in place by a roll-pin thatpasses through the distributor drive gear on the bottom side of the distributor. Magnet on top, gear down in the engine, distributor shaft and housing in the middle.

There is a gear on the distributor shaft and a gear on the end of the camshaft that it engages with. The gear on the camshaft cannot be removed as it is part of the camshaft. The gear on the distributor shaft can be removed if it is worn; however, this is rare. These two gears must be in proper mesh for the engine to run; one cog off and it will not start.If you need further assistance google ' finding top dead center on a 350 chevy'.

no the gear stays in place , unless you take the timing gear cover off + the bolts that hold it to the cam it won't change the position either unless you crank the engine, the gear stays in place.

The gear it is riding against is worn. If the gear on the cam wears out, the problem is with the gear on the distributor and vice versa. I have blown 3 gears off my distributor in the last five months. I finally pulled the front cover and found the cam gear is wasted.

Either the cam gear or distributor gear are completely worn out or the more probable. The gear on the distributor is installed using a roll pin. It's possible this is worn out and broken.

i do believe you can. but,,,,,,, you have to check the length of the shaft in comparesson to the other. make sure the cam gear is correct. and see if the 1985 distributor is electic module or points , or just electric.

The distributor gear might wear out in an older vehicle that has high mileage, just because of wear and tear on the parts. A newer vehicle with less than 70,000 miles should not have the distributor gear wearing out. If this is the case, an electrical problem could have caused this to malfunction.

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