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DOT 3 brake fluid

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โˆ™ 2004-10-21 13:35:59
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Q: What type of fluid is used for the clutch on a 1993 Eagle Talon turbo 5 spd standard transmission?
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Would a 92 eagle talon transmission fit a 95 eagle talon?

no it wont. the blocks are different..

How do you change the clutch in a 1991 eagle talon TSI?

Why wont your 1990 eagle talon turbo go no matter what gear it is engaged in it revs like neutral?

Bad transmission if auto Bad clutch if std.

Why wont your eagle talon manual transmission go into gear when running?

It is quite possible that your clutch is not disengaging the transmission from the motor. Also, your synchros could be bad, which would not allow it to go into gear.

What causes your 1993 eagle talon transmission to not engage when you put it into gear?

if it is a manual talon could be clutch not disengaging( slave or master cylinder most likely culprit) if automatic, could be something to do with tranny itself or shifter

What causes your 1991 Eagle Talon automatic transmission DOHC to cut off when you put it into gear?

Your torque converter clutch is locked up which is usually a solenoid failure.

How can you tell what type of transmission is in your eagle talon?

Look at the transmission number stamped on the top or side.

Will a 1992 eagle talon fwd transmission fit in a 1990 eagle talon?

Yes, but the flywheel and pressure plate is diferent between turbo and non turbo.

Can you change an Eagle Talon automatic transmission to a manual and about how much does it usually cost?

You dont need a new engine you just need a manual flywheel and a clutch kit, dont get a clutch kit from a parts store though, you can get a racing clutch kit offline for cheaper most of the timeAnswerYes you can change an auto to a manual. All you have to do is buy the engine and manual transmission and the tranny bolts right in. At least that is what I have heard b/c i want to do it to my 1995 Eagle Talon. and about $1000 in labor.

Will a transmission off a 1999 intrepid fit a 1996 eagle talon?

No. They are not interchangeable.

Where is the clutch master cylinder located on a 96 eagle talon?

On the firewall next to the brake master cylinder.

Will a 91 eagle talon 5 speed transmission fit in a 94 eclipse?

No, it is not standdard

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