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What type of power steering fluid and brake fluid should I use in 2001 Acura TL?

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You need to use Honda power sterring fluid. It say so on the power sterring cap inside the hood. I would recommend Honda brake fluid as well to be sure.

2007-12-07 21:06:48
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What type of power steering fluid should you use in your 2003 Acura CL Type S?

You should use "Honda Power Steering Fluid" ONLY!

What kind of brake fluid and power steering fluid should be used in a 2003 sebring Lx?

It should say right on the cap for the brake fluid. Usually DOT 3. Power steering should say as well, but there are plenty of multi compatible fluids.

How often do you need to do a power steering fluid change and a brake fluid change?

PS should be 18000 miles and brake fluid about 30000 miles PS should be 18000 miles and brake fluid about 30000 miles

Can power steering fluid be used as brake fluid?

No. Brake fluid is not a petroleum product. Power steering fluid is. Petroleum product will swell and ruin rubber part's brake system is full of rubber parts. You will destroy your brake system using power steering fluid.

How do you refill brake fluid for a 92 Acura Vigor?

To refill the brake fluid for a 1992 Acura, you need to remove the cap on the brake fluid reservoir. Add fluid until the dipstick measures full, or the line on the reservoir that says 'full' is touched by the brake fluid.

What should be done if brake fluid is put in a power steering reservoir?

The advisable solution is to have the power steering system flushed and recharged with fresh power steering fluid. Brake fluid does have solvent properties which may not be compatible with the seals and hoses of the power steering unit and the rack and pinion.

Can you use brake fluid as power steering fluid?


Can brake fluid be used as power steering fluid?

No !

What type of power steering fluid should I use in a 1992 Acura Legend?

Use only Honda P/S fluid.

What would happen if you put brake fluid in the power steering?

Your power steering will fail because brake fluid is poor lubricant.

Where do you poor the power steering fluid?

Where d oyou poor the power steering fluid for 2000 acura tl

Can brake fluid be used for power steering fluid?

no, but if you have a auto transmission you can you can use that for power steering

Where do you put power steering fluid in a 1987 Acura Integra?

At the power steering reservoir.

Where dors the clutch fluid go?

There should be a fill tank (small). It will look a little like a brake fluid or power steering filler. It uses brake fluid. Should be on the firewall near the brake booster or master cylinder. Y-THINK-Y

Where do you add power steering fluid in 1986 Chevy Camaro?

there's a reservoir tank under the hood the cap says power steering fluid which should be near the brake fluid reservoir

Are brake fluids and power steering fluids the same?


Is ford power steering fluid interchangeable with brake fluid?

NO ! ( My Ford Explorer uses automatic transmission fluid as the power steering fluid )

Is brake fluid the same thing as power steering fluid?

no, brake fluid is not the same as power steering fluid, make sure you actually get the right stuff. and double check what type of brake fluid you have (dot 3/ dot 5) because there is a difference there too

What if you put oil in your power Steering fluid?

Then you should put water in your gas tank. Dont! Brake fluid works in place of power steering In a pinch. It's essentially just hydraulic fluid.

What should be done if you put brake fluid in power steering reservoir?

have a repair shop flush the system and refill with the proper fluid.

What type of power steering fluid does a Acura RSX require?

There is a technical classification for what type of oil it is, but if you are just looking to buy some for your car look for Honda Power Steering Fluid. Yes, Acura is made by Honda. You can always go to your dealership and get "Acura" fluid, but it really is just Honda fluid with a new Acura sticker on it. I wouldn't recommend any Honda or Acura dealership to get fluid from. They overcharge, so just go to a local auto parts store and look for "Honda Power Steering Fluid". Many companies make it.

Where do you add power steering fluid to a Mitsubishi 3000 gt?

facing engine (bonnet up) on right hand side near shock tower is BLACK reservoir with sensor wire in center of cap - this is power steering(white capped reservoir = brake )do not put brake fluid in power-steering or power-steering fluid in brake res. use power-steering fluid or auto trans fluid to top up

You put brake fluid where power steeling is supposed to go in is this a big problem can you just take it out and put right fluid in the car was ran only 15 minutes at most?

Both the power steering pump and the brake booster operate hydraulically. Putting brake fluid in the power steering pump will not harm it since brake fluid is a light oil only with different properties. I would only worry if it were the other way around and you put power steering fluid in the brake master cylinder. Power steering fluid doesn't have the heat range or density of brake fluid.

Can you substitute brake fluid for power steering fluid in dodge ram truck?


Can brake fluid be used in place of powersteering fluid?

No, but transmission fluid can be used for power steering...