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he manipulated them with many forms of Propaganda, such as Nazi- favouring newspapers, cheap radios which didn't pick up foreign signals and loudspeakers in the streets. Mass rallies were organised where Hitler addressed the audiences showing off his amazing public-speaking skills. Joseph Goebbels was the Minister for Propaganda.

Hitler also used censorship he used the cinema, books and music to get his views across. Jazz Music was disallowed and books written by Jews were banned and burned. Hitler used the Olympic Games in Berlin to show the superiority of the Aryan race, however black-American athlete Jesse Owens winning four gold medals slightly dampened the Nazi celebrations.

Hitler controlled the German people and his cumulative propaganda and censorship was hard to resist, propaganda really strengthened Hitler's Dictatorship.

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Q: What type of propaganda help Hitler and the Nazi party gain power?
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How did Hitler use propaganda to help his final solution?

Hitler and the Nazi Party used propaganda in every possible field.

When did Hitler become fully in power?

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January of 1933. After the Reichstag Fire and the ensuing propaganda, the Nazi Party became the majority party in the Legislature in March of 1933. When this happened, Hitler and the Nazi Party effectively took over Germany.

How did Hitler and the Nazi Party establish and maintain a totalitarian government in Germany?

Hitler manipulated people with his propaganda about the Jews

Why did Hitler join the Nazi party to the Nationalist party?

he became the party's propaganda officer he was ORDERED by the ARMY to spy but instead took over the nazi party leadership

How did the nazi party come into power?

hitler is a ledge

When did the Nazi come into power?

The insignificant party that started in 1928 came into power in 1933. Although the Nazi party never received more than 30% of the vote, President Hindenburg appointed Adolph Hitler as Chancellor of German in January 1933 in order to quell down the terror and propaganda perpetrated by the Nazi party. Hindenburg died the following year and Hitler and proclaimed himself Fuhrer.

How did Hitler create the Nazi party?

Hitler was not the founder of the Nazi Party.

Was Hitler a leader of the Nazi Party?

Hitler started the nazi party

When and how did the Nazi Party rise to power?

they put Hitler in charge

How Hitler is shown in Nazi propaganda?


What roles did Hitler have in the Nazi Party?

Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party from 1921-1945.

Who was in power in government of the third Reich?

Adolf Hitler, with the Nazi Party.

Was Hitler a Nazi?

Yes, Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party

Who was involved in the development of Nazi propaganda?

Top Nazi memebers such as Hitler and Goebbels

When was Hitler voted leader of Germany?

Hitler became chancellor in 1933 as leader of the Nazi party. This was also the year Nazi party came to power and 'burnt the books' to prevent any other parties gaining power. Later on that year he became leader of the Nazi party.

What is the effect of Hitler being chosen a leader of the Nazi party?

The Nazi group grows in power and number.

What role did Hitler have in the Nazi party?

He was the leader of the Nazi party.

How was Hitler involved with the Nazi party?

He was the leader of the Nazi party.

How did Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany?

The Majorty of people Voted National Nazi Socialist Party in 1933. Hitler was leader of the Nazi Party so he and his cabinet came to power

What group did Adolf Hitler belong in?

Adolf Hitler belonged to the Nazi Party. He was the leader of the Nazi Party.

Why did joseph goebbels join the Nazis?

He joined the nazi party in 1923 when hitler was in prison, during this time he rise above the ranks andwas a outspoken man like hitler but once hitler got out of prison, he retook control of the nazi party he took goebbels into the party and maked him his main speaker in his rallies and telling him to spread nazi propaganda anyway as possible.

Was the use of propaganda the main reason Hitler was able to establish a dictatorship of the Nazi Party in the years 1935-39?


What roles did Hitler play in the Nazi party?

He was the leader of the Nazi party.

Was Hitler the Nazi party's leader?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi-Party.

How did Hitler support the Nazis?

The Nazi was the party. Hitler belonged to the party.