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Gear oil is for manual transmissions, the more miles the heavier the oil recommendation... for the dipstick.... also You should be able to find a shop manual at your local library with the right info...make copies as they are usually only in the REFERENCE section....good luck:)

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Q: What type of transmission fluid is in a 1985 Jeep Cherokee manual 4x4 2.8l v6 engine?
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How do you check transmission fluid on 1993 Cherokee?

Automatic or manual?

What type of automatic transmission fluid is needed for a 1994 Jeep Cherokee 5 speed manual transmission?

The manual transmission in a 1994 Cherokee uses 80 W 90 gear oil, not ATF.

What if you put 4 quarts of 75 w 90 in your 95 jeep Cherokee sport transmission?

If it is a manual, you put the correct fluid in it. If an automatic, do not start the engine. You need to drain it out of the transmission.

How do you check transmission fluid on 1987 manual transmission?

there is no fluid for a manual transmission

What type of transmission fluid for 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

It depends on the engine size... 2.5L = MOPAR ATF PLUS (Automatic Transmission Fluid - Type 7176) 4.0L = MOPAR Automatic Transmission Fluid (P/N 4773590) or equivalent labeled DEXRON III MERCRON fluid. This information is taken directly from the 1995 Jeep Cherokee Owner's Manual, page 168. Putting in the wrong kind of transmission fluid will cause problems.

What type of fluid is used in a 1986 jeep Cherokee Laredo for a manual transmission transfer case?

just regular transmission oil because my dad had a Cherokee Laredo te same year and he just used regulsr transmission fluid

What type of transmission fluid does a 99 Cherokee?

A Cherokee uses Dextron in an automatic and 75w90 in a manual. A Grand Cherokee uses Mopar ATF+4 in an automatic.

What type transmission fluid in 1991 Jeep Cherokee?

Auto uses Dextron Manual uses 80w90

Where is the transmission fluid filler located on a 2007 accent manual trans?

The transmission fluid filler is located in the back of the engine compartment on the 2007 Accent manual transmission. You fill it by removing the dipstick.

What fluid is used in a 1996 Ford manual transmission?

You can use any SAE certified manual transmission fluid in your 1996 Ford manual transmission. Make sure you use manual transmission fluid and not automatic transmission fluid.

Does a manual transmission on a Saturn sl1 have to have fluid in it to engage starter?

Your manual transmission does not have to have fluid in it in order to start the engine. Theoretically you can start the engine with the transmission out of the vehicle totally. That being said.... Its not a good idea to start the engine if there is no fluid in the transmission just in case someone tries to move the vehicle by putting it in gear. You do not want to drive the vehicle with no fluid in the trans.

Does a 1994 Jeep Cherokee with standard transmission need transmission fluid?

More than likely it uses transmission lube, which is way heavier than transmission fluid. But, saying that, there are some manual transmissions that do use A/T fluid. Check your owners manual for the correct lube for your transmission. Installing an improper lubricant will ruin the transmission.

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