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many flowers, and mixed forest.

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What types of grasses are found in a humid continental climate?

What types of grasses are found in a humid continental climate

What are the two climate types of Japan?

oceanic and humid continental are the two maian climate types in Japan.

What are the different types of climates found in the mid-latitude region?

Marine West Coast ClimateMediterranean ClimateHumid Continental ClimateHumid Subtropical Climate

What type of climate does the Great plains have?

The Great Plains have two separate types of climate. The southern area has a humid subtropical climate, while the northern and central areas have a humid continental climate.

Four types of climate?

There are 4 main types of climate on earth, and they are Mediterranean Climate, which is wet in winter and very dry on summer; Humid Continental Climate, which is a mixture of humid and temperate climate; Oceanic Climate, which has rainy conditions all year around; and Subarctic Climate, which features long and cold winters and very short summers that are barely warm.

Is North Korea's seasons the same as US?

North Korea has a humid continental climate. Since the US is much larger than North Korea, the US has many different types of climates. However, a large portion of the US (most of the Eastern US) has a humid continental climate.

What are the 12 climates?

The 12 climate types are tropical wet, tropical wet and dry, semiarid, arid, Mediterranean, humid subtropical, marine west coast, humid continental, subarctic, tundra, ice cap, and highland. These 12 types are grouped into five categories known as tropical, dry, moderate, continental, and polar.

Which climate types has the fastest chemical weathering?

hot and humid

What are the four types of mid-latitude climates?

Marine West Coat Mediterranean Humid Subtropical Humid Continental

What is the koppen system?

The koppen system is the six main climate types. High Elevation, Continental, Dry, Polar, Tropical, and Mild. According to the Koppen climate classification system, humid tropical climates do not experience winters.

What types of biomes does Slovakia have?

The biomes for Slovakia are marine west coast and humid continental

What types of climate impact Europe?

Europe has four main climates: Oceanic climate, Mediterranean climate, continental climate, and subarctic climate.

What are 4 different types of climate found around the world?

cold humid hot moist

What are the climates in the United States?

There are many different climate regions in the US. Along the north, they include Subarctic (Alaska), Humid continental, Mid-latitude Steppe, Undifferentiated Highlands, and Marine West Coast. Across the mid-latitudes and southern continental regions they include Humid Subtropical, Tropical Savanna at the southern tip of Florida, Mid-latitude Steppe, Tropical and Subtropical Desert, and Mediterranean or Dry Summer Subtropical. Hawaii would be Subtropical Rainforest.From Goode's World Atlas, Rand McNally, 21st EditionThe USA has many climates.Southeast: Hot, Humid, Tropical.Mideast:Very warm, Humid.Northeast:Cool, Somewhat Humid.Southwest:HOT, Dry.Midwest:Very warm, DRY.Northwest:Cool, HUMID.The United States of America includes a wide variety of climate types due to its large size, from humid continental in the north to humid subtropical in the south, from tropical in Florida to sub-arctic in Alaska. Also, the climate is arid in the Great Basin, desert in the Southwest, Mediterranean in coastal California, and oceanic in coastal Oregon and Washington.Depends on where people live Florida is warm.California has parts that are warm year round.But in the mountains in CA they get snow.New England has a few warm mouths the rest its pretty much cold.The climate in the United States varies greatly. The northeast has a temperate climate, southern Florida has a tropical climate, the southwest has a desert climate, and the California coast has a Mediterranean climate.The US us such a big Place that it has several types of climates.

What climate is hot humid and rainy all year?

okay well first of all you just listed types of humid and rainy are climates, smart one. if you're looking for regional areas with a hot humid and rainy climate, try brazil.

What are the climates in Armenia?

The climate changesdepending on the elevation, ranging from dry subtropical /continental types to the cold types.

Types of plants grown in equatorial climate?


What types of clothing items are worn in humid continental clmates?

Light and white clothing. Oversized clothes so that air can get in.

6 types of climate?

Tropical, mild, dry, continental, polar, and high elevation

What are 3 types of temperate marine climate regions?

There are 3 types of temperate marine climates: Mediterranean, humid subtropical, and marine west coast.

What types of plants and animals live in the Highland climate?


What types of plants grow in a tropical climate?

no idea. haha

What is an animal native to the humid tropical climate?

Animals that thrive in a humid tropical climate include the macaw, snakes, frogs, small mammals, and many types of insects. The giant thorny phasmid and the poison dart frog are common in tropical rainforests.

What does a forest have in it?

A forest has tree's , grass , and all types of animals . A Forest also includes differents types of insects and things . They have hot humid and great climate

What three types of evidence supported Alfred Wegener's idea of continental?

fossils landforms and climate

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