What was Maine like before the Constitution?

Well, first off, Maine was part of Massachusetts before the Constitution was approved. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Maine was very primitive and empty prior to 1787. Yes, it was part of the original Massachusetts Bay Colony, but that does not describe what the state was like. There were very few towns and villages (less than 10), and those that were there sometimes failed and died or were wiped out by Indians. There were mostly fishing villages, but some very brave people did work their way inland to scratch a living from the soil. There were few roads, and what roads there were became impassable during the spring time due to mud conditions. In the northern parts of Maine there were locations (one hesitates to call them towns or villages) where only 2 or 3 people lived, most likely trappers and hunters. Life was very difficult with temperatures in the winter reaching far below zero and snow falls measured in feet rather than inches.