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What was a crusade?

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* In the literal sense it was a medieval "war ", called for by the Pope approved by to regain the holy Land from Islam . The crusaders have often been glamorized, but often they behaved abominably. For example, before the First Crusade left the Rhineland it massacred a number of Jewish communities there. In Palestine and on the way to and from the country they often committed atrocities. But the crusaders also performed an invaluable service for Europe and the Byzantine Empire. They halted the Muslims' advance across Turkey and into Greece. Without the crusades, Islam would have taken over large amounts of Christendom.

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Why is the second crusade called the noble crusade?

Well apparently it is called the noble crusade because everyone who went on the first crusade and the noble crusade were noble

Which crusade was the most most successful?

The First Crusade was the only successful Crusade.

What is a sentence for crusade?

Crusade is not very ethical. People die and they say it is Crusade!

What is crusade journalism?

crusade journalisim

What year did the crusade take place?

Which one? First crusade - 1095-1099 Second crusade -1145-1148 Third crusade - 1187-1192 Fourth crusade - 1202-1204

Why did Saladin fight in the crusade?

fifth crusade

What was the third crusade called?

Kings' crusade

Which crusade was known as the King's Crusades during the middle ages?

the kings crusade was the 3rd Crusade.

What is a sentence for the word crusade?

I am going on a crusade. I like crusades. would you like to go on a crusade with me?

What were the outcomes of each crusade?

1st Crusade - Franks took Jerusalem 2nd Crusade - Franks did not take Jerusalem 3rd Crusade - Franks did not take Jerusalem

Why did the third crusade occur?

The Third Crusade was also called Kings' Crusade. The crusade was between 1189â??1192 and its mission was to retake the Holy Land from the Saladins.

A sentence with the word crusade?

Crusade is fancy coating for regional killings. The crusades killed millions of people.

Who won each crusade?

1st Crusade - Franks took Jerusalem 2nd Crusade - Franks did not take Jerusalem 3rd Crusade - Franks did not take Jerusalem

Which Crusade was in 1192?

The Third Crusade lasted from 1189 until 1192. Also known as the Kings' Crusade.

What was the longest lasting crusade?

The longest crusade was the 7th crusade, it lasted 6 years (1248-1254)

The Fourth Crusade was launched by who?

Never was a 4th crusade. They skipped 4 and went straight to a 5th crusade ;)

How long is the crusade?

the crusade was 200 years long

Which crusade drove the Muslims out of Jerusalem?

The first crusade

What crusade did King Richard participate in?

the 3rd crusade

What happened in the peoples crusade?

in the peoples crusade the had a war.

What is the goal of the second crusade?

There was no clear goal in this crusade

Was The Children's Crusade was successful?

No, the Children's Crusade was not successful.

Was Jihad founded after the first crusade?

No in the second crusade.

What was the only successful Crusade for the Christians?

The First Crusade.

What was the smallest crusade in the middle ages?

it was the childrens crusade