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What was business like in New York during the 1700's?

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Business in the 1700s in New York was somewhat similar to today. There were a variety of restaurants and hotels in the city with many street vendors and the beginning of a large textile industry.

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What was daily life like in New York in the 1600-1700s?

waking up at 6:00 for chores like milking cows and collecting eggs

What was farming like in 1700s in new york?

the answer is they always were good for growing crops very good soil

What was life like in New York in the 1700s?

Life in New York in the 1700s would have been difficult. In the city, disease would have been prevalent. Along with no running water, sewage ran freely in the street and there was little if any law.

What was education like in the 1700s in New York?

it was very high compared to other states but was not nearly as good as our education is now

What was culture like in 1700s- new york?

. These people came from Britain they dressed very fashionably(for that time) and ate what was needed like chickens.

What were the living conditions like during 1700s?

The living conditions were horrible. They were sorta like the middle passage. Look it up on wikipedia

When was the Renaissances?

Like in the 1800s or 1700s

What were women's lives like in Colonial America during the 1600-1700s?

They were treated as the inside caretakers, they were made to stay home tend to the children and make sure that dinner was made and that the children were brought up well.

What did people like to do to pass time in the 1700s and the 1800s?

There are a few different hobbies that people engaged in during the 1700s and 1800s, but people back then did not have leisure time like they do today. Some of the hobbies they might have engaged in were wood carving, drawing, sports, or making models.

What was North Carolina government like during the 1600s and 1700s?

North Carolina was self-governed in the 1600's through the 1700's.

What kind of medical technology was used in 1700?

in the 1700s they used many tools like scissors. in the 1700s they used many tools like scissors.

What were the patriots like in the 1700s?

they like playing with their girls poom poom's

During the 1700s the increased product of goods and new machines was called what?

this sounds a lot like a question on a worksheet for school...shouldn't you know this already???

How was the landform of New York in the 1700's?

The landform in New York (1700s-1799s) was like a big juicy women. Big up and down. Coming from a History teacher it was ALOT. It was the shape of a big juicy titty.

What was time period like during Antoine lavoisier life?

Um... well if you mean when he lived and then died. It was 1743-1797, so he lived in the mid 1700s.

What was the state food in Pennsylvania in 1700s?

People in the 1700s were more focused on survival rather than on symbols like state foods.

What was slavery like in the Renaissance?

Slavery was a very lively business during the Renaissance.

What was money like in the 1700s?

They used coins and paper money.

What was life like in 1700s?

Different than today, I imagine.

What was the religion like in the southern colonies in 1600s-1700s?

In the Southern Colones they are said to have religious freedom. In the Southern Colonies there was religious freedom

Sports played in the 1700s?

Games played in the 1700s were wicket which is a type of cricket also a game played "fives" also like handball

What was farm life like in 1700s in the us?

i like oatmeal muffins, that my grandma makes:)

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