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What was life for rich people like in 1800?

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It was pretty sweet!

Rich women liked to make themselves look beautiful and where very graceful. They painted, sang and played Musical Instruments like the piano. Rich women in the 1800s had to look after the house & family but most rich people had maids, cooks and Nannie's If she married it was very unconventional to get divorced, so you had to hope you married a nice man.

Rich men had big houses in the countryside with lots of land around it. Rich people would go to London for a couple of months to see other rich people. When they weren't in London they would be in their mansions in the countryside, hunting in woods. The houses in the countryside had lots of workers, like farmers for the land. :)

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men hunted game, and read books in their library.

The rich hosted balls for the public. Mothers were concerned with their daughters marrying and marrying well.

Hosted dinners with neighbors and acquaintances, and played a game called whist and other card games.

Properties were valued on their size, and the land it was on. Gardens were valued, and houses had several rooms with several functions such as drawing rooms.

Women who were educated in music, singing, needlework, dancing, painting, and proper usage of literature were considered accomplished.

Women were expected to hold their tongue, and keep knowledge to themselves if it was smarter or more knowledgeable than their husbands. You were a spinster if you werent married by the age of 22.

if you're interested, you should read books from that era. They're interesting.

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