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What was the Middle East like after World War 1?

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Which empire ruled the Middle East from 1500 to World War I?

The Ottoman Empire ruled most of the Middle East from the 1500s until World War 1.

Which war did Lawrence of Arabia serve in?

World War I, he served in the Middle East

Where was the fighting in World War I?

Mainly in Europe and the Middle East.

What is the war in Middle East Called?

Thousands of wars have happened in the Middle East. There is no singular Middle East War.

Was the presence of oil the cause of war in the middle east after World War 2?


What role did middle east play in World War 1?

The Middle East played a large role in World War 1. Their sultan declared a military jihad (holy war) against France, Russia and Great Britain during World War 1.

Who was responisible for World War 2?

French and the Middle East First of all, The French and Middle East have nothing to do with World War 2. It was Hitler. I'm positive. But I also think the Japanese are responsible.

Who controlled the middle east before world war 2?

The Ottoman Empire ruled the Middle East until the end of World War 1. In the interwar period, the Middle East was divided between Turkey, Britain, France, Persia, the Saudi Kingdom, and the Gulf Protectorates and Countries.

Is China part of the term The Middle East?

Yes China has been considered a part of the middle east since the first world war!

What are the effects of world war 2 on the middle east?

The effects of World War II on the Middle East are quite profound. Perhaps the most important effect has occurred through the formation of the nation-state of Israel, the presence of which has changed the landscape of the Middle East and had a ripple-effect throughout the world since the time of its founding.

Where did Australia's forces initially fight in World War 2?

The Middle East.

What was the most controversial territory of the middle east after World War 1?


Who ruled middle east prior to World War 1?

The Ottoman Turks.

What were the effects on the Middle East after World War 1 that led to World War 2?

The causes of World War II lie almost completely outside of the problems that existed in the Middle East. This is not to say that Middle Easterners did not take sides during the war (Jews and Iranians being pro-Ally, Arabs being pro-Axis, and Turks being adamantly neutral), but the causes of the war lie in Europe and East Asia.

What European countries in effect drew the map of the middle east?

Primarily the United Kingdom and France drew the map of the Middle East after World War I.

What affected the development of the Middle East after World War 2?

it developed more quicker withou the war.

Effects of the 1st world war on east Asia the middle east and south Asia?

made my dick longer

Who got most of the land in the middle east after World War 1?

Britain, France, Turkey (assuming you count Anatolia), and Saudi Arabia controlled roughly equal amounts of land in the Middle East after World War II.

Which Middle Eastern countries were created after World War I?

The following countries were created in the Middle East after World War 1:Transjordan/JordanIsraelIraqLebanonSyria

Did Japan invade Africa and the middle east in world war 2?

No. The North African campaign was started by the Germans; the Middle East was largely untouched by the conflict.

How did the Middle East War start?

There is not one Middle East War but hundreds. Please specify which war you are asking about and resubmit the question.

Where did New Zealand go to in World War 1?

Europe, the Middle East and Samoa.

After the end of World War which territories in the Middle East were French mandates?

Lebanon and Syria.

What is one of the causes of conflict in the present day middle east?

war world 2

In 1967 the 6-Day War occurred in what region of the world?

Middle East