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The population was about : 130,879,718.

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130 million

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Q: What was the US population in 1939?
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Population of wilno 1939?

The population of Wilno(Vilnius) in 1939, was 457,500.

What was population of Great Britain in 1939?

In the summer of 1939 the estimated population of Great Britain (ie. England, Wales and Scotland) was 46,467,000 (46 Million 467 Thousand).

What is the population of Missouri in 1939?


What population Australia 1939?

The population of Australia was 6.97 million people in 1939. By 1970 the population had grown to 12.7 million. As of 2013, the estimated population is 23.2 million.

What was the french population in 1939?

There was no population census take for the French people in 1939. There was one taken in 1936 of 41,502,000 and then again in 1946 of 40,506,639.

What was the population of antwerp in 1939?

check elsewhere

What was the population in stevenage in 1939?


What was the UK's population in 1939?

About 45 million

What is a 1939 silver dime worth?

A circulated 1939 US dime is worth about $2.70. An uncirculated US 1939 dime is worth between $9.00 and $20.00.

How many Jews were there in Poland in 1939?

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, world Jewish population in 1939 was 16,728,000. The US Holocaust Memorial indicates that European Jewish population in 1933 was approximately 9.5 million, 60% of world Jewish population (15.3 million) and 1.7% of the overall European population.

What was the Jewish population in 1939 and 1945?

12,000 after the houlocaust 6,000

What is the population of Romania in world war 2?

In 1939 the population of Romania was approx. 20 000 000.