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In the far past, the fax machine was a service operated like a telegram service - fax services had dedicated stations to send and receive images.

In the 1960s, the first "commercial" fax machines emerged. These went from big bulky units that needed to be hardwired in (most people installing or even demonstrating a fax had to physically wire in a phone line - phone jacks weren't common even then). Through the 80s and 90s the fax was the cornerstone of business, the email of the day.

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How do you email to a fax machine?

You cannot send an email to fax, whereas email is converted into fax files and send to fax machine. Use internet fax services like extremefax to send email to fax machine in a form of fax.

What is dedicated fax machine?

Dedicated fax machine is the main fax machine that can be configured to where the fax will be receive and support extension fax machine.

How does a wireless fax machine work?

The data will not be sent directly into other end fax machine, instead, it goes to the computer then forwarded to internet fax service server, then sent to recipient fax machine. Wireless fax machine is only applicable for internet faxing just like extremefax.

Differences between a fax modem and a fax machine?

Fax machine is the machine that send and receive fax, while fax modem is the gateway where the fax info passes each transaction.

What is the difference between an answering machine and a fax machine?

a answer machine is to keep answers on there and its for when u dont answer the phone and a fax machine is for your fax

Can a fax be sent from a paper fax machine to a paperless fax machine?

Yes, a paperless fax machine will receive the fax digitally instead of just immediately printing it out.

How can one fax news to friends and relatives?

If one would like to fax news to friends and relatives then one will need to have a fax machine. The friend or relative in question will also need to have a fax machine and their fax number will need to be known. One can then scan the message into the machine and send.

Can you fax for your customers?

Yes of course, provided they have a fax machine or internet fax account like Extremefax internet faxing.

Where can someone buy a Microsoft Fax machine?

One can buy a Microsoft Fax machine at participating computer electronic stores such as Best Buy, Staples and Office Depot. One may also find them at online merchants like Amazon or eBay. Microsoft Fax itself is not a physical fax machine but the software for the fax machine.

How can you send a fax from a fax machine?

Feed the fax file in fax machine, dial the fax number then after a ring tone press send. Then Fax will be sent.

Is a fax machine a printer?

It can be if you have a 4 in printer with fax, but if it just a fax machine it not a printer, Most of the old fax machine only linked to the phone and not to a pc.

How do you send fax to England from United States?

You use a fax machine! You use a fax machine!

What is meant by a fax free machine?

A fax free machine means that you can send a fax for free on the machine. An example of a fax free machine would be a computer with specialized software to send faxes.

What is an fax facsimile machine?

a fax machine and a fascimile machine are the same thing, "fax" and "facsimile" are two words that can be used interchangeably.

Can I buy a fax machine that has a camera?

There is no fax machine with a camera,some people use there digital cameras instead of a fax machine.

How do you receive a fax in fax machine?

To receive a fax in a fax machine: 1) connect the fax machine to a phone line 2) have the person sending the fax send the fax to the phone/fax line number 3) receive the fax with the fax machine. Most fax machines should be set to automatically receive, however some will need you to press the "ok" or green button when the fax line is ringing.

How does a fax machine send emails?

Fax machine cannot send emails, but fax machine can received emails in a form of fax files via internet faxing.

Can you email a fax machine?

Yes, but fax machine will read it as fax files. You only need to use fax software or internet fax services.

How does a fax machine send a fax?

A fax machine sends a fax over the telephone line. When you scan a paper to initiate a fax the machine will digitize the material into a series of black and white dots. This allows the machine to transmit the information to the receiving machine where it is printed out again.

can the line be use for a fax machine?

need a line for a FAX MACHINE

Using a Fax Machine?

Using a fax machine is a really easy process once you have done it a few times. Once you go through the initial process of learning how to use your fax machine by reading the instructions and then following them, you will know how to use your fax machine whenever you need it. A fax machine is not a complicated machine, but there is an order that you must follow when using the fax machine.

Do you fax with papers up or down in fax machine?

Usually fax machine is fed with paper in upper part. Try to use internet faxing like Extremefax, this will save paper because you only print the fax you need.

How do you use a fax machine?

Here is what you will need for most fax machines (if possible, read the machine's manual beforehand)You will need:- a document that you want to fax- a fax machine- a fax machine to send to, as well as that fax machine's fax number (same as a phone number)1) insert the document into the feeder of the fax machine - the feeder is usually at the top of the machine, and there is usually an icon on it to show which way to have the paper face up or face down2) done the paper is in the document feeder, enter the number you want to fax to into the fax machine. The number gets entered just like a phone number does.3) press send. The fax machine will attempt to dial the number. If the other fax machine picks up, the document will begin transmitting4) watch the fax machine's display to make sure that the fax goes through. When the fax has been sent, you'll get a message saying the transmission is done.

How do you send a fax using an old fashioned fax machine?

Dial the number you want to send your fax, then press "send" of "fax" button of your fax machine.

How do you send an email to fax machine?

It is called FoIP or fax over internet protocol. Use internet fax service like extremefax.

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