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first answer: Austria, by voluntary referendum, 1938.

Specifically the Rhineland

second answer: Yes it was Austria in 12 March 1938, however it was not a voluntary referendum. It is known as the "Anschluss" in German. In English, it means connection or union. This 'union' was forced on the Austrian government by Hitler's threats. Hitler intended to prevent the Austrian referendum scheduled for 13 March 1938. Although many Austrians saw Hitler in a favorable light, others saw the event as an annexation or occupation. The event was a violation of the Versailles Treaty.

The Rhineland, is an area inside Germany, was re-occupied by German troops in March 1936 in violation of the Versailles & Locarno Treaties. Those treaties had provisions to keep the area de-militarized after World War One. This event occurred two years prior to the annexation of Austria.

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Q: What was the first country Hitler took over?
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What is the first country that Hitler took over?


What was the first country Hitler took control of?

The first country Hitler took was control of was Austria on March 12, 1938.

What country did Hitler take over after he took over Czechoslovakla?

Poland I am not certain as to the correct answer but Poland was the first country the Nazi's invaded

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Austria. but not by force. The first country he took by force was Poland.

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Hitler took over lots of places the first place was Poland.

Which country did Adolf Hitler take back first?

Technically, Hitler took back Austria first - they were annexed by Germany in 1938. In terms of invasion, however, Poland was the first country taken back. It was invaded on September 1st, 1939.

What was the first country the Germany took over?

Before World War II, the first country that Germany took over was Austria.

What country did Hitler take over in March 1939?

Hitler took over Czechoslovakia in March 1939. He led his Nazi troops to invade this country which made the British wake up to the fact that Hitler would not mind taking over the world.

Was Germany in control of their own country in world war 2?

No. Adolf Hitler took over the country and the people.

Where did Hitler take over in 1936?

he didn't took over any country, the first country he took over was Poland, which he took over in September 1 1939 *adding on, he didnt take over any country, but he did send an army to the Rhineland, an area that according to the Treaty of Versailles, was not supposed to be occupied by German military. He did this to basically "test the waters" to see how the world would react.

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When Hitler first took over how many people were unemployed?

6 million

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he took over Poland first in ww2

How old was Hitler when he took over the country?

He was 43 years old when he became the Chancellor of Germany.

What was first non-German territory Hitler took?

The Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia He took this without force. The first non-Germanic country he took with force was Poland.

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Hitler owned the country of Germany. In WWII he took over many other countries, but he started off with just Germany

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Hitler took over his power from Hindenburg, a social democrat. ---

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He took over belguim, which was supposed to be neutral at that time but Hitler broke the treaty and took over anyway

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Does Hitler allow freedom of speech within their country?

No. Hitler did not let freedom of speech in their country because the Nazis took over Germany's government and made Germany a communist country so they were not allowed to have freedom of speech.

What was the first country the Germans took over?


What country did Germany first take over?

Germany took over Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland first.

Did Hitler take over Australia?

No, he took over Austria.