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What was the first us radio station named?


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September 13, 2011 4:16PM

Actually we may never know. There where some attempts to broadcast entertainment as early as 1910. Previously to that Marconi had installed radios on several ships, but they where of the Morse type, meant to have only one receiver.

The general public had to construct their own radios, since búying them was very expensive (could cost up to 3 weeks of wages). Fortuneatly building a simple crystal-radio could be done for schollboys wages. 2 or three components where nedded plus the obligatory 800 ohms (or so) headphones. The most important components was a catwhisker of coiled wire and a piece of Galena crystal that could be easily found in a slag-heap of any lead mine. No batteries where required since the power came from the signal itself, therefore the 800 or so ohms headphones.