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Aggression and invasion, by Nazi Germany. The armed occupation of smaller and less militarily powerful neighbors. The Nazis wanted to literally rule the entire world, by force. It took all most 6 years to defeat them, and force a complete and unconditional surrender on them. The whole world would be a very much different place if they had NOT been defeated. The entire course of world history was affected by the Second World War. It was the most important event in world history, from the beginning of recorded time.


The Treaty of Versailles from WWI limited Germany that by this time they were in desperate need of something as simple as food. There was also the spread of Communistic governing that Germany wanted to stop.


Perhaps in the first FEW years after the end of WW1 in 1918, Germany was in a period of economic distress, but by the end of that decade, Germany was well on it's way to becoming the power house of Europe. By 1938 it was involved in the Spanish Civil War, fighting on the side of the dictator, Franco. That war was a testing ground for the Nazis war machines, and by September of 1939 they felt that they could over=power any of their neighbors, and went ahead and invaded Poland. The Nazis wanted to rule the world and came close to doing it ,too. It took a concerted effort by the Allies to defeat them. After they were defeated, in 1945, the German people were hungry, but they brought it on themselves. Jim Bunting. Toronto.


Commonly held general causes for WWII are the rise of nationalism, the rise of militarism, and the presence of unresolved territorial issues. In Germany, resentment of the Treaty of Versailles, specifically article 231 (the "Guilt Clause"), the belief in the Dolchstosslegende, and the onset of the Great Depression, fueled the rise to power of Adolf Hitler's militarist National Socialist German Workers Party (the Nazi Party). Meanwhile, the treaty's provisions were laxly enforced from fear of another war. Closely related is the failure of the British and French policy of appeasement, which sought to avoid war but actually gave Hitler time to re-arm. The League of Nations also failed in its mission of preventing war. Japan in the 1930s was ruled by a militarist clique devoted to becoming a world power. Japan invaded China to bolster its meager stock of Natural Resources. This angered the United States, which reacted by making loans to China, providing covert military assistance, and instituting increasingly broad embargoes of raw materials against Japan. These embargoes would have eventually wrecked Japan's economy; Japan was faced with the choice of withdrawing from China or going to war in order to conquer the oil resources of the Dutch East Indies. It chose to go ahead with plans for the Greater East Asia War in the Pacific.


One of the main reasons for the war, was that the world was gripped by the Great Depression, which heightened the tension between the already tense countries in Europe (because of unresolved fights over lands) and forced many peoples to vote for new polictical parties through desperate hope to try and get jobs and money for a solution to the economic collapse. Thus, people such as Hitler, Stalin and Musolini rose to power.

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Q: What was the main cause of World War 2?
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Describe the MAIN causes of world war 2.

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