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What was the relationship between Australia and America in World War 2?

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February 22, 2010 6:35AM

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Australia and America did not have a big alliance, if no

allience at all before 1941-1942. The way Australia and America got

an alliance was that Australia was feeling threatened by Japan

entering the war [joining with Germany, Italy, and the French]. We

had a fall out with Britain Because Australia wanted to bring the

8th division home but Britain wanted them to go elsewhere(I think

it was Burma.) So we went and turned to America for help. And

America was very willing because they wanted to get back at japan

because of pearl harbor. Australia was very weakened and without

the Americans help Australia would've lost the battle and been

invaded. Pearl harbor was almost beneficial to Australia otherwise

there would have been no help from America. they won the battle

against the Japanese in the coral sea And Australia and America

have been good friends ever since.

"Answer_2" id="Answer_2">Answer 2

While the above answer is mostly correct, Japan actually did not

actually intend to invade Australia as it was beyond their

capabilites and resources.

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