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The so-called total war strategy by the Union came into full play when President Lincoln appointed US Grant to be the general in chief with the title of Lieutenant General. Instead of trying to defeat the Confederate armies, Grant was determined to deny the enemy armies the supplies it required to conduct warfare. The more accurate term used today to describe Grant's strategy is a war of exhaustion. All possible supplies which were owned by private Southern individuals were either confiscated or destroyed. This disabled Southern armies to function properly. In addition to that, Grant had enough troops, more than any general in chief before him, to sacrifice the lives of his soldiers in harmful and unnecessary frontal assaults in the 1864 Overland campaign. Many people north and south found this to be intolerable.

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The total war strategy used by the North to defeat the south was called the Anaconda Plan, and was planned and implemented by U.S. General Winfield Scott. It started with a complete blockade of the Confederate coast, with the objective of preventing the export of cotton, and the import of munitions and other supplies. It was closed out by Union forces waging a burnt earth policy towards the south, destroying railroads, burning towns and crops in an attempt to cripple the south economicly. was successful during the war, but caused incredible hardships on the southerners for the next 30 years during reconstruction.


U.S. Army General William Sherman the man who conducted the total war campaign during the Civil war (this campaign also known as "the march to the sea") is now, even though he is dead, being accused of war crimes for his actions.

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Q: What was the total war strategy of the Civil War?
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What was the union strategy to win the civil war?

The strategy was to use total war the strategy to burn everything in their paths.

How did total war relate to the Civil War?

Total war was General Sherman's strategy. He was to use total war to destroy the resources of the south. I am also a civil war expert so you can trust my answer.

What man was most associated with the total war strategy of the Civil War?

General Sherman.

What were the military strategies of the north and south at the outset of the civil war?

The North's military strategy in the Civil war was to engage in total war. Total war involves complete destruction of the opposing force and their resources. The South's military strategy was to prolong the war making it costly to the North in hopes them eventually stopping it.

What where the Norths tactics during the civil war?

Until the end of the war, tactics on both sides remained the same as in Napoleonic times. The union strategy was a blockade strategy at sea and on the rivers, coupled with a total war strategy to destroy the means of producing war supplies on land.

What military strategy won the Civil War?

The military strategy that won the civil war is total war which was concentrated on the South's economy. Burning cities, destroying farms or anything that aided the enemy's war effort as well as the North's far superior industrial base led to the South's defeat.

What strategy did the confederates use to beat the unions in the civil war?

the union won the civil war !

General Sherman's war strategy?

total war/ hard war

Is the Civil War a total war?

no total war is when peoples will is destroyed.

How did northern military strategy change after grant took command of the union army?

It became a war of attrition. The term and concept of total war was nonexistent in the US Civil War.

What was the Northerners strategy for winning the Civil War?

Chuck noris was the strategy.

What 2 military officers used the strategy of total war in the civil war?

The two Union officers who believed in and demonstrated the effectiveness of the strategy of total war were General Ulysses Grant and General William Sherman. Grant's Overland Campaign in 1864 and Sherman;s March to The Sea in 1864 were examples of total war by two military leaders.

What was Williams strategy in the south called in the civil war?


What was Grant's strategy for ending the civil war?

to win

What was the union's strategy and advantage in the civil war?


What was the souths strategy during the civil war?

The South's military strategy during the Civil War was to be on the defense. The South also felt that if they could win one big victory they could convince the North to abandon the war.

How many total dead from the Civil War?

It would depend on which civil war

What was one of the military strategies of the South in Civil War?

This strategy of total war, which was implemented by General Ulysses S. Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman, and Philip Sheridan

What was General Grant's strategy in the Civil War?

was to coordinate the Union's efforts on all fronts of the war.

What was the strategy of the US in the Civil War?

The civil war was fought by the North and the South, both parts of the U.S. Are you talking union or confederate?

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the legal strategy for civil war activists in the 1950 and 1960?

In 1950-1960 there were no civil war activists. The war happened a 100 years before.

Was Grant's plan to end the civil war to wage total war and repeatedly attack Lee's army?

Yes- your question contains a fair summary of Grant's strategy, I think.

What was Ulysses S. Grant strategy in the civil war?


What was the north strategy in the civil war?

to eat more food

What was the Unions strategy in the Civil war called?

The Anaconda Plan