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What weight synthetic oil is used for a 2002 VW 2.0 Petrol?

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Auto zone has this info on their computer system for free.

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Can 520 synthetic oil be used in a 1999 Bonneville?

If you mean 5w20 synthetic the answer is NO. Pontiac recommends SAE 10w30 weight oil in Synthetic or Conventional. Use exactly that weight.

What kind of engine oil is used for a 2002 cavalier?

5w30 synthetic

What weight full synthetic used for a 2014 dodge challenger 6 cylinder?

The 3.6 L uses 5w20, synthetic or conventional.

Can synthetic oil be used in the transfer case and rear end?

yes if the proper weight

What weight oil is used for a 2001 dodge stratus with a 2.7 engine?

10w30 synthetic is best

What type of engine oil do you use for 2002 Lincoln LS V8?

When I first asked the dealer about switching to synthetic oil, he said the it already used a mixed synthetic and regular oil and that 100% synthetic was unnecessary.

Does unleaded petrol produce carbon monoxide?

Yes! Only difference is that the lead, used as a lubricant in earlier engines, has been removed and replaced with a synthetic compound.

What type of oil is used in 2009 Toyota Camry synthetic or regular and what weight?

5w20 is used in 2009 toyota camrys.

Will fully synthetic oil harm murray snowblower?

No, as long as it is the proper weight. In fact I highly recommend synthetic oil be used in any air cooled engine.

Is analog computer used for petrol refining ?

Yes,analog computer is used for petrol refining.

What weight of oil should be used in a 1997 883 sportster?

SAE 20w50 100% synthetic oil.

How is petrol used in your daily life?

how is petrol used in our everday life

What oil should be used in a 52 reg Vauxhall Vectra petrol?

Any decent fully synthetic engine oil is now recommended to all vectras from that year.

Name of petrol used for airplane?

The petrol used in airplanes is also called white petrol or jet fuel.

How is petrol used by us?

Petrol is used by us in Motor Car and Generators.

What petrol used for?

Petrol is mostly used as a fuel in internal combustion engines.

What is diesel and petrol used for?

diesel and petrol are source which is used to generate power.

Why is kerosene used as jet fuels instead of petrol?

It is not kerosene but a kerosene type fuel used in jets or aircraft. Jet fuel is a mixture of various hydrocarbons. Jet fuel must be free from water contamination. Synthetic Jet fuel and Jet biofuels are used in different airways. Chemically they are not exactly same as kerosene or petrol.

Does slick 50 require a certain weight oil?

Slick 50 can be used with any weight of oil. We have used it for years, and a very good product.Im however not to sure about the synthetic oils if you are using them.

Which alkane is used in petrol?

Octane (C8H18) is the most frequent compound used in petrol.

What weight of oil should be used in 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

Look at your oil cap. The weight is on the cap.

What weight oil should be used in a 2002 VW gti?


What kind of synthetic oil is used for a hummer h3 2006?

All name brand synthetic oils are pretty much the same. Use any name brand you wish in the correct weight.

What are synthetic detergents used for?

to wash synthetic clothes.

Why petrol not used as fuel in stoves?

Petrol is not used in stoves because it vaporises and easily catch fire and it's ignition temparature is very low.that's why petrol is not used in stove.