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The five major powers in ww1 were Great Britain, Germany, Austria, France and Russia. Another power was Italy. These major powers were rivals, starting with Great Britain whom was the main leader. Great Britain was a strong and powerful army leading to other countries turning against them.

Germany began to build up a bigger army, other countries were aware of this and therefore began to dislike Germany more and more.

Austria and Russia fought over who would own South-Eastern Europe in the future.

France starting to dislike Germany after they were defeated by the Germans in 1870. France wanted revenge.

Italy was annoyed with France after France occupied Tunisia in 1881.

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Q: What were the major powers in World War 1?
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Three major Central Powers?

In world war 1 the central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman empire.

What steps did the major powers take to protect the peace in World War 1?

There are different steps that the major powers take to protect the peace in World War 1. For most of them, they formed alliances with other armies so to reinforce their strengths.

Who were the major Central powers World War I?

The major Central Powers in World War 1 were: # The German Empire # The Austro-Hungarian Empire # The Ottoman Empire (Turkish Empire) The other member of this alliance was the Kingdom of Bulgaria.

What were 4 major countries central powers in World War 1?

german, hungarian, turkish, bulgarian

Why did nationalism cause major problems for the colonial powers in world war 1?

wanted to be the most powerful.

Who were the world greatest powers in world war 1?

The world powers were Germany and Britain

How did the allied powers defeat the central powers in world war 1?

They did not. Axis and Allied powers were only in World War 2

What were the two powers of World War 1?

The Allied Powers and the Central Powers.

How did the Axis Forces win World War 1?

There was no Axis powers in World War I--and the Axis powers LOST World War II.

Were the allied powers in World War 2?

Yes. The Allied Forces were from World War 1. The Allied Powers were from World War 2.

What was the Germans spying on US during World War 1?

Yes, that is normal practice for all major powers.

What were the two major alliances allowed in World War 1?

The Entente (Sometimes called the "Allies") and the Central Powers.

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