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When narrowed down to the three most influential accomplishments of the US's founding fathers, the first one was the creation and signing of the Declaration of Independence. This document set the stage for the American Revolutionary War. All the statesmen who affixed their signatures to this document, released on July 4, 1776, were by British law, guilty of treason. The document helped form the US Constitution and was used by abolitionists of the antebellum days as a basis for abolishing slavery. The second accomplishment was being the "ghost" government that was behind the fighting of the war of independence from Great Britain. They used Philadelphia as its "rebel" capital city and made decisions during this crucial war. The next major accomplishment was the creation and ratification of the US Constitution. This is the basis of today's US government. At the time of its ratification, it created the first republic style of government. It can also be said to be the formation of the first republic since ancient Rome was governed as a republic, a republic based the ancient era of its time.

In a manner of speaking, these accomplishments were not only influential for the American colonies, but for the world as well.

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Q: What were the three most influential nation changing accomplishments the founding fathers brothers did?
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In my opinion it was Patrick Henry. His stirring speeches roused up the nation for independence and liberty.

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The Founding Fathers included the Necessary and Proper Clause in the U.S. Constitution, to provide Congress with the ability to meet the needs of a changing country. The clause is found in Article One.

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Thomas Jefferson was presented as a politician who had to take a lot of tough decisions in the well known book Founding Brothers. Jefferson was described as a sometimes conflicted man who ultimately wanted the best for his country.

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