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It depends on what you SHOULD have put in and what you DID put in and the age of the engine. Most of the time it won't make much difference.

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Q: What will happen if you put the wrong motor oil in your engine?
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Is engine oil and motor oil the same?

Yes, they are the same. Some people call an automobile engine a motor and some people call it an engine. It is actually an engine and a motor is a electrical device. But motor oil and engine oil for all practical purposes are the same thing.

What would happen if You put brake fluid in the motor oil of a diesel engine?

don't try it

What happens if you use the wrong weight motor oil in a vehicle?

If you use the wrong weight motor oil in an engine, it is possible that you could destroy the engine due to lack of lubrication, either because the oil's viscosity is to low to provide adequate bearing separation, or because the oil's viscosity is to high to permit adequate lubrication. Use the manufacturer's recommended oil.

What is wrong if an engine is making a knocking noise on a Yamaha raptor 350?

It may need oil? Or motor needs rebuilt.

Is there a difference between engine oil and motor oil?


Why is engine oil in cars also called motor oil even though engines convert chemical energy while motors convert electrical energy?

because it is only called motor oil by morons who don't know the true difference between a motor and a engine your right it should never be called motor oil unless it is a dc motor that has oil in it but for a engine ran auto it is engine oil

What engine oil for Yamaha YBR 125?

Motor oil

What would happen if you poured a good bit of washer fluid in a car motor?

Have someone drain out the oil and replace the filter, now! Do not run the engine! This is not good for the engine!

Can you use motor oil in push mower?

If it is a 4-cycle engine you definitely need motor oil. If its a 2-cycle engine then the oil is mixed with the gas. If its a reel mower then no oil is needed except for external lubrication. Depending on the engine manufacturer the 4-cycle engines will require either SAE30 or 10w30 motor oil.

Can you add regular motor oil to syntheitic oil?

No. It will ruin an engine. The above answer is 100% wrong. You can mix convention oil with synthetic and it will do no harm at all. When you see them selling Synthetic blend that is what you are buying. A blend of synthetic and conventional oil.

Can a Hemi turn the check engine light on for the wrong oil?

Yes, it can turn the light on for the wrong oil.

How do you do an oil engine flush?

Add Engine Flush to the motor oil at running temperature before changing the oil. After adding the product, allow the engine to idle for approx. 10 minutes. Then change the oil and the filter. Engine Flush is compatible with all commercially available motor oils. We recommend cleaning the engine interior with Engine Flush before every oil change.

Where do you put motor oil in the engine of a 1993 Mercury Sable? the engine?

How many liters of motor oil is required in a Ford Ranger 98?

According to the 1998 Ford Ranger owners manual : (made in the U.S.A.) WITH FILTER CHANGE : the 2.5 L engine takes 4.3 liters of motor oil the 3.0 L engine takes 4.3 liters of motor oil the 4.0 L engine takes 4.7 liters of motor oil

How many quarts of motor in a 1.8 liter engine?

A standard 1.8 liter engine holds 4 quarts of motor oil. Many of these engines feature varying sizes of oil plans which alter the actual oil capacity of the engine.

Where is the oil pump located on a 1980 351 ford motor?

The engine oil pump is located INSIDE the engine oil pan , bolted to the bottom of the engine block

What happens if you use the wrong oil in your push mower?

Several things can happen: 1) If using frenchfry oil, wildlife will be attracted to your machine. 2) Oil of Olay will make your hands soft and desirable come oil change time. or 3)It being "wrong", implies not being a good lubricant for the motor which will mean destruction of the motor due to internal wear and heat buildup.

If their is too much oil in the motor will the engine pressure lock 2 quarts over 199 Ford Taurus?

Too much oil will damage your engine as not enoght oil too will damage your engine. for example; To much oil will burn your oil rims inside the engine causing your motor to start smoking thru the exhaust system. Exc. Not enough oil will burn your bearings inside the engine causing your motor to start knocking and make noises. exc.

New engine in 1990 yj oil pan full of water and oil after starting?

Most likely a head gasket or intake is either in wrong or the wrong one. Doesnt' matter if you rebuilt, or bought new, mistakes happen.

Where do you pour the motor oil into for a jeep liberty 2002?

On one side of the engine, there will be a cover marked "OIL" or a symbol like an oil can. This is where engine oil is added.

You forgot the oil for your 2 stroke boat engine Will that ruin the engine?

Yes definitely! Do Not Run it!! If there is no oil in your fuel it will seize the engine. Because the oil in your gas is the only oil that lubricates your motor.

If you aren't sure what type of motor oil is in your car what type of motor oil is safe to add?

Look in the manual or ask a reputable garage. If you put the wrong oil in it could damage the engine. All you have to do is list your Make, Model, Year, and Engine here and someone can tell you the correct oil. You did not list any of this and posted the question in the Suzuki Motorcycle category. So no one will be able to provide an answer.

What type of oil does a 17.5 horsepower Briggs and stratton use?

A Briggs and Stratton 17.5 horsepower engine can use any type of small engine motor oil. A heavy duty motor oil is recommended.

What symptoms auto oil pressure to rise?

The wrong viscosity of oil in your engine.

Can you freeze oil?

Yes that's why antifreeze is used, these are the freezing points of some types of oil. Motor Oil (15W) +15 Motor Oil (30W) 0 Hydraulic Oil, Gear Lube & Gear Oil -10 Motor Oil (10W30) -20 2-Cycle Oil -25 Motor Oil (5W30) -30 Mobil 1 Engine Oil (15W50) -35 Antifreeze -40 Mobile 1 Engine Oil (15W30) -55