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What will happen if you return a car after 30 days?


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You cannot return a vehicle you purchased after 30 days. It will be considered used and a possible trade in for this vehicle will be considered.


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Read the purchase agreement.

What does 30 days have to do with you signing a contract to pay X number of $$$ per month for XXX months?? Is there something in the contract about "30 days"?

No you cannot even return it in 1 hour let alone 30 days. The Buyer's Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle in any state.

Depends on the state. Unless expressly stated in the contract, generally no.

No you cannot. The Buyer's Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

If you are out of the state for more than 30 days you are now a resident of the state you are in and should get a license from that state. When you return to TX you have 30 days to change your address.

Not usually but some dealers are doing anything to sell a car so check with the place where it was bought.

In California the car must of had two repair attempts that could cause death, four repair attempts that would not cause death, or 30 days where the car could not be used. The period in which you can return a new car is 18 months or 18,000 miles.

No, the buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

There are different laws based on if a car is new or used. In used cars, you need to get any return policy in writing. In new car sales, it also has to be spelled out although some states of lemon laws which allow of the return of defective new cars.

You cannot return a vehicle. If you bought the used car "AS IS" with no warranty then you bought it as is, which means, exactly that, AS IS. If however you bought it with a warranty then the warranty may cover the repair.

NO! if the vehicle in question has a major defect, was purchased less then 30 days ago and is still under warranty from the manufacturer?

A person cannot return a car bought at a Wisconsin dealership within 30 days and ask for a refund. There is a designated process to go through to resolve issues with purchased vehicles in Wisconsin. Under the Lemon Laws for the state of Wisconsin there is a form called an MV2338 that must be filed with the state after the dealer is informed of a problem.

No you cannot ...unless there is a defect covered by the lemon law ...even then you need to make repeated attempts to have the car fixed and be without transportation for atleast 30 days

Yes, depending on the dealership, you should have a 15-30 day period to return the car.

A 3 day new car return policy is a myth. Unless it says so in your contract, or your state has a 3 day return law, you are stuck with your new car for the terms that were agreed upon. The only exception is if under a lemon law, there is something majorly wrong with the car within the first 30 days or so many hundred miles.

If I sell my car while it's in the impound can the new regesitured owners get out before the 30 days

No it has to be under 14 days or it might depend on the shirt. Check the receipt.

In Utah, there is a a 30 day used car warranty. This means a person can return a vehicle if it is deemed to be defective.

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NO! There is no law allowing you to return a car you changed your mind about buying. That law, the cooling off period or buyer's remorse law, only applies to unsolicited purchases, not to the purchase of an auto. That is nothing more than a myth. You now own a used car, and it is yours.

If you bought the car from a dealer you have 30 days if you bought it from a private party you have 7 days in georgia.

You can return the clothes within 30 days as long as you have the receipt and have not damaged the clothing whatsoever and have faith that they will take it back.

NO! The Buyers Remorse law only applies to unsolicited purchases, not to the purchase of a vehicle. Things like door to door salesman, or telemarketers.

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