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What would be a fair estimate for replacement of front brakes on a 1996 Toyota Tacoma X-tra Cab?


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2005-03-11 19:59:09
2005-03-11 19:59:09

It varies with what part of the country you live in. Call some local garages and brake places. Do it your self, as long as the pads were not compleatly gone and scored the rotors the pads are held in with a couple of pins held buy a piece of wire. Jack and block up truck with tires removed. Remove wire that captivates pin, drive out pins, I used shinle strips to push caliper pistons back to fit in new pads. Of note you may have to remove some brake fuid from master cylinder resivior befor pushing caliprer pistons back. I had to do this brake job on a 2002 double cab rear emergency brake cable was inproperly adjusted from the "Factory". Total cost $20 pads from Autozone, my wife could change them after she wached me do it!!!!!


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