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What would cause a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer just about stopped to idle up as the brakes go toward the floor and make the car start to go forward?

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2008-01-30 19:01:08
2008-01-30 19:01:08

Check the brake fluid, but if it's up it's probably a problem with the brake "master cylinder". With the vehicle at a stop, in park, step on the brakes to see if you can repeat the event. If the brake pedal goes to the floor, release it and step on it again. That may allow fluid back into the master cylinder and give you brakes briefly. If the master cylinder is bad, do not drive the vehicle until you have either replaced the master cylinder yourself and properly bled the lines, or had a qualified mechanic do it for you. What you're describing is a potentially dangerous situation. What size shoe do you wear? You are stepping on the brake and gas at the same time. This happens to me in my 97 Mountaineer if I'm not careful to slide my foot all the way onto the brake pedal. I can't even drive the car with big winter boots on.

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