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That stuff is color coded. LLOL Coolant is supposed to be GREEN like antifreeze. Tranny fluid is RED. Coolant has NO reason to be IN the x-mission. IF its GREEN, look higher on the motor.

They rephrased my question =( I know it's not from the tranny, it's just pooling on it. The lower radiator hose connects to a steel pipe which leads into the engine. I think it's leaking from inside there and running down my tranny. What could cause this type of leak?

The pipe above the transmission is the water pipe wich lead to the back of the water pump. There is an "O" ring where the pipe attaches, and that MAY be bad, therefore causing a coolant leak. More likely, the water pump is going bad, and leaking internally and running back down the tube and onto the transmission. If the water pump is bad, this is a MAJOR headache repair job for the DYI'er. I recommend putting it in the shop. The "O" ring will be a dealr item and cost around $3.

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Q: What would cause a 94 Plymouth Voyager FWD to leaking coolant from the transmission case?
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What could the leak be on a 1997 dodge Plymouth Voyager?

please be more specific is it leaking engine oil, coolant, transmission oil, brake fluid, or power steering fluid where is it leaking from ?

What is the likely cause of coolant leaking after shutdown on a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

A bad or incorrect radiator cap.

Coolant leak from transmission Honda?

Coolant should not be leaking from your transmission the only fluid in your transmission is transmission fluid. A faulty transmission seal can allow transmission fluid to leak out.

Why does the coolant look milky on your 1998 expedition Eddie baur?

Your transmission fluid is probably leaking into your coolant

What if your 1992 Chevy silverado is leaking engine coolant from the top of the engine just below the distrubutor what is leaking?

There is a heater hose that goes to the left rear top side of the intake manifold and that fitting leaks engine coolant sometimes and it will run down the back of the intake around the distributor. If that fitting is not leaking then the intake manifold gasket is leaking coolant in the corners of it. REplace the intake gasket. That's all that can leak coolant on that year engine. If coolant is leaking out between the transmission and engine block then you have a freeze plug leaking in the back of the engine, between the transmission and block. Must remove the transmission and flywheel to fix it.

Why is Water leaking between engine and transmission on 99 Plymouth grand voyager?

If your coolant level is dropping, then it could be a blown freeze-out plug. These plugs (metal disks pressed into holes in the block and heads) are found all over the motor. Unless you have the very rare occurrence of one corroding out, you should have the engine checked for internal damage.

MY car a 2003 dodge neon sometimes over heating is it because its leaking transmission in the radiator?

If it is leaking trans fluid into the coolant it can cause overheating.

I have a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT it always needs transmission fluid but I never have a pudle from it leaking. Also when i hit the gas white smoke comes from the tailpipe. What wrong with it?

The transmission fluid could be leaking into the engine coolant through the transmission cooler in the radiator. You should be able to see the transmission fluid in the engine coolant recovery tank. It will look like a oily film on top of the coolant. White smoke (steam) out of the exhaust indicates engine coolant is leaking into a cylinder.This can be a result of a blown cylinder head gasket or a cracked cylinder head. Have the engine coolant system pressure tested to detect the leak.

How do you fix water leaking into transmission fluid?

Coolant? Bad radiator Radiator has a separate cooling tank (usually at the side or bottom of radiator) for transmission fluid. At times this tank ruptures allowing coolant to get into transmission. Most times causing a transmission failure.

How fix Fuel injector leak Plymouth Voyager?

replace the rubber o rings u may have to replace the injector if its leaking fuel through it

2007 cobalt 2.2 engine oil in coolant tank what could be the problem?

If it is an automatic transmission, the cooler in the radiator is most likely leaking into the coolant system.

Leaking rear main seal on a 2000 voyager?

The rear main is on the end of the crank shaft. The transmission and flywheel have to be removed to service.

Why is BMW 1997 740il leaking antifreeze from bottom middle of car?

Transmission coolant hoses (in and out) are leaking. The Y-manifold is below the filler cap on bulk head. Hoses connect from here straight down to transmission.

1991 Plymouth grand voyager 3.3 it keeps over heating but you don't notice a leak anywhere from the radiator the radiator isn't holding antifreeze what should you try?

Is there white smoke coming out of the exhaust? If so, you might have coolant leaking into the engine compartment. Check your oil's consistency.

1994 Isuzu trooper leaking coolant under dash?

Coolant leaking from the heater core.

Green fluid near transmission vl leaking?

green fluid is engine coolant. as this is showing up near the transmission this could be leaking from the head gasket or from a freeze plug. you will just have to trace back where it is coming from remember there are freeze plugs behind transmission which are not viible while transmission is in vehicle

What is the most common fix for a leaking transmission on a 1998 grand voyager?

A couple of the most common are leaking cooler hoses and a failed solenoid pack. That is the square thing under where the hoses hook to the trans.

Can the transmission on your van hesitate if the radiator hose is leaking?

If the transmission is low on ATF because of an ATF leak, yes. It is not good for the transmission to be used while low on ATF. If the leak is engine coolant, no.

How can you see where the coolant leak is coming from It seems to me that its coming from between transmission and motor?

It is possible for coolant to leak out between the motor and transmission, if a freeze plug has been leaking. I had this problem on an old International Travelall I had. The motor will need to be pulled.

Why is coolant leaking from the bottom of the engine beneath the radiator?

is coolant leaking from engine?or is it leaking from water pump and running down engine and appears to leak from engine

Why is it still leaking transmission fluid?

The better question is what is leaking transmission fluid?

Why is my Pontiac G6 leaking transmission fluid?

Because your transmission has a seal that is leaking.

If a 1996 Geo Prizm automatic just recently had the pan gasket and filter changed but is still leaking transmission fluid where else could it be leaking from?

Coolant lines? Shift linkage? could also be the rear or front seals leaking

What is probable cause of transmission fluid contaminating engine coolant 2000 Taurus 3.0 ohv 12 valve?

I would have to guess that your radiator has a hole in it. Look andd see if your transmission lines go to a tank on the radiator. If this is the case then the radiator will have to be replaced. You transmission line is leaking oil into the coolant. Is there also coolant in the transmission? This is the only way that I can see this happening. Now if you were just having coolant in the transmission then I would say that there was a head gasket issue. well I hope this helps you.

What does it mean when coolant is leaking from the car?

If coolant is leaking from a car it means that your radiator has a hole in it. If this is not fixed the car will over heat.