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What would cause a 99 Voyager SE 3.3L to squeal when cold?

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In my experience this would be because the alternator belt needs to be tightned.

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The most common cause of a vehicle squealing when it is cold outside is a belt. The belt could need tightening or replaced. You can buy a product at the auto parts store that may help.

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What causes a 2002 jeep liberty to squeal or grind when starting in cold weather?

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97 voyager what would cause engine tap when cold stops after engine heats up?

Sounds like you've got some bad lifters. The oil is draining out of them when it sits and once you start it, they pick the oil back up and refill.

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A loose belt that becomes more noticeable at cold temperatures.

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Why is the heater in your 1998 Plymouth voyager blowing out cold air?

it's old and you need to change it.

Why does '94 Saturn SC1 still squeal when cold or accellerating when serpentine belt has been replaced and treated with belt dressing?

I would suspect that the belt tensioner is weak. If there are a lot of miles on the car I would replace it. I hope this helps you. Mark

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