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What would cause a clicking noise and a 1999 Honda Prelude not to start?


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dead battery... if battery is ok, most likely bad starter.. also everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at the library in the reference section for FREE...make copies of the right pages and fix your vehicle like a PRO! :) good luck Dave :)


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what kind of noise do u hear. clicking, poping, or skweek etc.

A bad resistor can cause your BCM to make a clicking sound. The clicking noise can be caused by the relays and replacing the BCM will fix the problem.

It is of course very difficult to say without examining the vehicle. Usually, though, speed related vibrations on a prelude are due to a bent wheel rim.

A clicking noise, when accelerating, can be caused by a worn CV joint. The CV joint can cause the axle to collapse when it breaks.

Anytime I've ever heard a humming noise when turning the steering wheel on any vehicle,It has always been due to low power steering fluid

I hear a clicking noise coming from my jeep when I hit speeds greater then 50 MPH? any ideas on what can cause this

if ticking noise is in engine, u most likely have a worn hydraulic lifter. check oil for correct volume and viscocity

the loud clicking noise might possibly be a bad cv joint if so get repaired asap i just had the same problem fixed in a couple hours

It really depends on the cause of the noise. Every Inline-4 Cylinder car I have ever seen makes some kind of clicking type noise when they are started cold, I'm pretty sure it's noise from the mechanical valve lifters. If it's really concerning to you, take the car to a qualified mechanic.

A clicking noise from the dash on a 2003 Mercedes Benz might be the flasher for the turn signals. Sometimes the flasher will make a clicking noise if it is about to go out, to let the driver know it is time to replace the flasher relay switch.

One thing that can cause a clicking noise under the car is when the bar bushings get worn out on the sway bar. Also, it could be coming from the struts if strut oil is leaking. Other things that can cause a clicking noise if not working properly are the exhaust system and the transmission clutch assembly.

The clicking may be the belt tensioner clicking. I know that mine is causeing a clicking noise. If you get a friend to help you, you will be able to see it happen if that is the case.

It could be a faulty tire or possibly the wheel bearing, but I'd seriously inspect the brakes, even if you don't think anything is wrong. That's a FAR more common cause of noise.

A bad tire weight can cause a rubbing noise on full left lock on your Honda Civic 1997. A bubble on the tire can also cause this.

Believe it or not we cant hear that clicking noise on the roof, a description will help you get an answer...

There could be more than one cause, but the symptom suggests that the battery voltage is too low to hold the solenoid closed. If the battery voltage is high enough, then the cause may be inadequate grounding anywhere in the starting electrical circuit.

the most probable cause of clicking on rear brakes are weak return springs or a broken one.

what clicking noise in the dash of 1997 mercury marquis

it makes that clicking noise because you touch yourself at night

the boy was clicking his pen the clicking noise was bothersome i was clicking a pen

clicking noise is probably fuel pump relay, check for battery condition, then for good connections including ground, inspect all fuses

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