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What would cause a white frothy foam coming out of the PCV valve which is brand new on a 258 I6?

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If the vehicle is subject to nothing more than just short trips, then this would be normal. It would also cause accelerated engine wear due to corrosion. What you are seeing is condensation mixed with some of the oil/residues inside the engine. Remove the oil cap, and the underside should be just covered with the same. Take the car for a run of about ten miles, and check the condition again, while the engine is still warm. If the condition remains the same, you may have bad intake, or head gasket(s).

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if u have acarb. ,it should hook up to it,check your PVC valve and the line connected to it ,it may be clogged.

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what will cause a Ford Taurus 1998 24 valve to overheat

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no water should be coming out of the safety valve , only if water over a certain temp orthan creates a pressure if water coming out and water not steaming than replace valve

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Where can you buy blowgun valve separately?

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What would cause a 98 ford expedition to surge on acceleration?

Vacuum leaks will cause that. Check the PCV valve and all hose coming from it. They are known for cracking. Also check the one behind the intake. Hope this helps.

Would valve cover leak cause the car to stall?

I would not expect a valve cover leak to cause a car to stall. A valve cover leak can fill the spark plug area with oil which can cause rough running.

Oil coming out my valve cover?

Just need a new valve cover gasket. it's an easy fix.

What does it mean when there is a clicking sound coming from within the valve cover?

Valve lash needs adjusting or you have a lifter that is sticking.

Is a Chevy Prizm that may have a valve going bad safe to drive and will this problem ever cause a breakdown?

What kind of valve? Exhaust valve? EGR valve? PCV valve?

Why does the engine light keep coming on indicating EGR valve in a 2000 Chevy impala after the EGR valve was replaced?

I just replaced my egr valve and my light went off, however some reasons for yours not to go off might be that the hose/pipe coming out to the eghaust manifold into the egr valve has enough deposits in it to cause a blockage.....signifying that your old egr valve was good, just not getting any unburned fuel to it. I don't know how to clean the blockage out so maybe search the net and see if you can find out how to do that. perhaps a carborator cleaner will work?