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There is no direct answer to this question. If you're sure that the relay is overheating, it,s a sign that it's defective. Or a short caused by a possible bad ground or any related electrical part causing a short. A true diagnostics on this related part requires more information. Check the wiring for poor connections. Start with the wiring at the relay first.Fords are notorious for poor connections. Bad grounds causes shorts because of reverse polarity. Which in turn causes electrical parts to get to hot.

There was a Ford Motor Company recall on certain Aerostar Vans concerning this situation. You should do a search for 'Ford Aerostar recalls' then type in your year and it will give you the info. It seems like it was a dealer fix requiring installation of a grounding strip in the electrical circuit. .

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Q: What would cause fuel pump relay overheating and shut down in a 1989 Ford Aerostar 3.0L?
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