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The starter relay or the internal starter relay solenoid contact is closed either by 12 volts still applied to the relay or starter or the contacts have welded themselves together. Welded together sounds good if the starter is shorted and that would cause the cables to overheat also.

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Q: What would cause jumper cable to melt when jumping battery after you stop cranking car it actually trys to crank by itself without turning key?
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Why wouldn't a 1994 Dodge Dakota not turn over if the engine is cranking and battery is new?

If the engine is "cranking" then it is "turning over". Please be more specific.

What wears out a car battery?

Cranking the car or starting the car in cold weather can wear out a car battery. You can also wear out the battery by turning the starter over without fuel in the tank.

Why does F150 starter burn out?

biggest problem with ford starters burning out is caused by a bad battery and prolonged engine turning over if hard to start. if starter has been replaced, your battery may not have correct cranking amps. bare in mind that a hot engine actually takes more cranking amps than a cold engine to start.

Why will my 1999 Lincoln navigator not start when the engine is cold?

what are you Cold Cranking Amps on your battery? perhaps your battery is not strong enough, if that's not the case something with the battery wiring i suppose as long as your starting is turning it should be a battery issue.

The difference between turning and cranking an engine?

generally , cranking an engine is done with igniton where turning is done by hand with the ignition off so as it will not start

What would cause a 2002 Honda Civic EX Coupe to have a long drag before finally turning over and cranking up?

Weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Weak starter?

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What does it mean when your car wont start and you replaced the starter?

If the new starter is measureing the same cranking voltage as the battery and is engaging but not turning over, you may have a seizure. Try to crank it by hand to be sure.

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Why wont a wrangler start I turn the key and i have no power to the lights radio etc After about 10 min of turning the key I get power and it starts The battery gauge then shows very high charge?

If your vechicle does that it means that your battery was dead and after a while of cranking it sometimes it gets charge and starts

Why does my 1986 Corvette just turn over but won't crank?

== == If the engine is rotating when the starter is engaged then it is cranking which is the same as turning over. Check to see if you have spark and or fuel. There is not a fuse for cranking.

2000 Chevy Cavalier intermittently no start?

The key tells the strarter to start turning over. We need to know if there is No cranking of the starter or cranking but no start? Big differences as to what is not happening when it should be.

How do you unfreeze a Pantech matrix?

try turning it off then removing the battery then putting the battery back in the turning it on. it worked on mine

Why is the iPad not turning on?

It may be out of battery.

Started is turning but is not cranking?

The starter drive is shot. Replace the starter and hope the ring gear isn't damaged.

Why your Lincoln is cranking but not turning over?

Why does any car crank but not turn over. Plugs, timing, battery, fuel, whatever. Start where the ignition is. If that's alright, see if it's getting gas. You should smell gasoline while you pump the throttle.

1997 4 Dr Chevy Tahoe does not start Put in new Die Hard Battery it's cranking but does not start?

Check there is spark from the coil. Pull a plug and set it close to a ground and see if there is spark when cranking. If not, then coil or ignition module. If spark, then check fuel pressure at rail. Check fuel pump is coming on when turning key to on. Should hear it.

Why is your 91 Cherokee 4L sport turning over slowly for a bit til it finally barely starts and the charging system is fine?

With your limited info there could be many reasons but first have you tested the cold cranking amps on the battery? The charging system may be fine but if the battery is going it could cause the problem your describing.

What is the lowest voltage for car battery and still be good?

The lowest voltage a battery can drop to during cranking while still starting the car is 9.6v. You can tell a battery's state of charge by the voltage (12.6v is fully charged, 12.0v is low), but the way to tell if a battery is bad is to look at how the voltage changes under load. Most battery testers put a load of half the cold cranking amperage indicated on the battery and look for the voltage to drop below 9.6v, in which case the battery is determined to be bad. Another way to do it at home is to charge the battery at high amperage (can be done by revving the engine slightly and turning off electronics) and, using a voltmeter, look for the voltage to be above 15.5v. This indicates a lower amperage charge than desired and also that the battery should be replaced.

Why is engine not turning over?

Ck battery

What belt run the battery on a Ford Explorer?

The belt turning the alternator which is recharging the battery.

98 Chrysler cirrus will not turn over or start and everything else electrical works?

Have you tried jumping the battery. If yes and that didn't work, and the car sounds like it is trying to start but not turning over it is proably your distributer.

Why my 2000 crown Victoria won't start I change the starter?

There could be quite a few reasons why the car won't start. If cranking or turning over the engine is the problem and the starter is good, it may be the battery. If the engine turns over but won't start you have bigger problems...

My cub cadet wont start when turning switch it makes aclicking sound that comes from on top of pullie over blade?

That is probably your solenoid. It is what tells the battery to send voltage to the starter so it will crank the engine over. Most of the time it is just a low battery that makes it make that sound. There isn't enough voltage to keep the solenoid engaged. Although, it could be a bad solenoid. If jumping it doesn't start it then it is more than likely the solenoid. If jumping does start it then you need a battery.

Is it better to remove battery of laptop after turning off?