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What would cause loud engine knocking for a few minutes only when the engine is cold?

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Is there any smoke when you first start it? what is happening is the valve seals are probably worn and letting the oil seep past them. when your engine is first started it has no oil or very little oil at the top of the engine, thus causing the knocking noise. could be more but this is a most likely . oh and is you haven't changed your oil every 3,000 miles you had beeter start doing it....

knocking sounds usually come from bottom of engine try a better quality and correct viscosity oil

does it stop after warming up? could be faulity engine lifters. lpaws45.


lpaws45 is pretty accurate for most engines with a genuine engine knock. But on a Mitsubishi Endeavor, my guess is you aren't using premium (91 octane) fuel 100% of the time as recommended by Mitsubishi. This creates carbon build-up on top of the pistons which in turn creates a knocking sound very similar to a lower-end engine knock. This knock will eventually occur at all times, hot or cold. The cure is to have an engine decarbon procedure performed (having a professional run a solvent through the intake vacuum) and start using premium fuel. The added fuel mileage from using premium with a 3.8 liter Mitsubishi V6 will more than pay for the extra cost.

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What would cause a knocking sound when not stepping on the gas?

can you elaborate? engine noise? stationary/moving? ticking, tapping or a definite knocking?

What would cause a continuous knocking or clicking in the lower part of the engine?

A bad rod bearing

What would cause a loud knocking noise in engine upon starting?

Running too lean.

What would cause a loud knocking noise coming from the engine at 70 mph and make the truck shake very badly?

Having a bad rod bearing could cause a truck to make a loud knocking noise and shake when driving at high speeds. The engine having a coolant leak or an engine timing problem could also cause the knocking noise.

What would be causing a knocking sound in your muffler?

A hole in the muffler would cause a knocking sound in your muffler. A loose exhaust pipe can also cause a knocking noise.

What would cause a knocking noise when the engine is warm?

maybe the carberator i dont know im not a machanic or anything

Your Daewoo lanos is making a knocking sound what do you do?

I would recommend taking it to a mechanic and have them listen to it. Everyone's definition of "knocking" is slightly different. Try not to drive it for too long; engine knocks can usually cause pretty severe damage to an engine.

What would cause a knocking sound in a 1992 Cavalier while its running?

it might be a bent piton rod if you or water or somthing into the engine

What would be the cause of a knocking sound from the engine of your 1997 Isuzu rodeo?

Its ur lifters I have the.same.prob one of.ur.valves isn't getting that much oil

What would cause a ticking noise in the engine when going up a hill?

Most likely is knocking. Try next higher octane grade of gasoline.

What would cause an engine knocking noise when engine is hot?

Low oil or low oil pressure, bad oil pump, clogged or gummed up lifters or even thin oil can cause low oil pressure. All the possibilities mentioned can cause the engine to be starved of lubrication. Which in turn creates friction that heats the metal engine part so that their tolerances change. Change in tolerances between two parts can cause knocking with increased heat from this friction.

Why would a 95 Chevy cavalier with a 2.4 engine make a knocking sound?

Engine rod? Engine bearing?

What would cause a 300 CI 6cyl to Knock in a 1985 F150?

if the engine is knocking you could have bad support bushings for the mouter mounts or your engine could be warped do to excessive heat wear

What would cause a engine to start knocking after it's driven through high water?

Connecting rods that are bent. Either way, you are looking probably at an engine rebuild at best, possibly and more likely an engine replacement.

What would cause a noise when the car is stopped but goes away when you step on?

Squeaky brakes, sticky lifters engine knocking . Please be a little more specific.

3.1 motor has loud knocking?

if it sounds like the knocking is coming from the bottom of the engine i would bet it was the rods or rod bearings may be worn. if the knocking is on the top ,then i would have the lifters and or the rocker arms checked.

What would cause your pully to lock up n a knocking noise?

Year, make, model, engine and a detailed description of which pulley locked up would help us help you.

What would cause a knocking noise when you turn your wheel?

Power Steering?

What would cause a loud knocking noise in the front of the car when you accelerate?

you may have a rod knocking and you need to take it to a shop asap

2001 Montana What would cause knocking as well as a maximum speed of 80 km on the highway?

Not sure what your asking exactly. But I will tell you this about knocking in Montanas. I have seen a few of them that will start sucking oil into the combustion chamber through a leaking intake manifold gasket. The motor goes dry enough to cause a knocking on the lower end of the engine. End of motor! Check your oil!!!

What would cause a knocking noise from the top of the engine on a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse and how do you fix it?

An engine knock ia almost always very serious. Stop drivng this car and take it to a professional. Not a repair for a novice.

What would cause a knocking sound at the rear of the van when driving?

the cause of this is probably a bad u joint

Is loud knocking coming from top of engine a lifter problem or head gasket problem?

If its a legitimate knocking then you would want to go with head gasket if its a tapping you would be looking at a valve

Why would the engine of a 1997 Chevy Cavalier make a loud knocking noise even after being told that there is nothing wrong with it?

it's probably a rod knocking

What would cause a knocking noise while engine is running?

Typically not enough oil. Bad spark plugs or the wrong grade of gasoline or a bad O2 sensor can also contribute.