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Sounds like possibly seized caliper sliders or the piston is not retracted far enough (assuming the car has disc brakes in the rear), if the parking brake actuator is built into the caliper on that model, you may have to rotate the piston back into the bore to release the park brake, if it has a separate park brake, make sure it is adjusted properly and the cables are not seized.


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To change the bellows on a 1993 240SX Nissan you will need to jack up the car and start by removing the shocks. You may want to hire a mechanic to do this as a functioning set of brakes is very important.


The same way you bleed brakes, but use the little bleeder valve on the slave cylinder. The same way you bleed brakes, but use the little bleeder valve on the slave cylinder.

get a factory service manual. It's pretty straight forward. you can also find it online at

Is a 1995 Nissian 240SX Engine compatible to 1992 Nissian 240SX?

either take links out of the cable or just tighten it. you could also bleed the rear brakes to make it feel tighter

particles in the master, dirt, taking out the seals? If it bolts up and works for a while the difference in years should have no affect on it. Bad rubber hose if it has one, flaking off on the inside?

BY getting an Honda all your problem will go away Aman.

Usually after brakes are changed, it takes time for it to break in. So the brakes wont be as "grippy" as before. If that does not solve your problem, then it might be because of air bubbles in the brake lines. Try bleeding the system. If that doesn't solve your problem, then it could be a problem with your calipers. You can fix it, but most people just get another one from the junk yard. Takes less time and it's cheap too. I was going to say it could be the master cylinder, but it wouldn't be. Because 240sx has a diagonal braking system. Which means if one cylinder fails then you would still have brakes in front right and rear left OR vice versa.

Yes, late model bumpers will fit on 89-90 240sx

Sure it will, they are the same motor.

The Nissan 240SX was brought to America in 1989.

15x6" +40mm for all 240sx 15" wheels.

take wheels off, remove brake calipers. rotors slide right off.

You drain and refill at the transmission from underneath the vehicle.

Yes they will, no modification needed.

it will fit but you need to modify the mounts.

Well if you look at the 240sx you will see that although the engine size is the same KA24E the engine on the 240sx is SIDEWAYS.

Yes the two transmissions are interchangeable.

From the dealer or search google for 240sx FSM, there at the end of that

no, they will not fit. they are 2 different body styles

No it will not, they are 2 different designs.

No 240sx has a thermostatic air cleaner, only an air filter

Yup, the bell housings are exactly the same.

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