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Or it could probably be a broken relay of the compressor. Try looking at that one as well.

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Q: What would cause the cooling fan to run after the car is shut off even when the car is not hot?
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What would cause a radiator cooling fan not to shut off?

A/C or defroster on Relay stuck in closed position Temperature sensor not sensing proper temperature

What would cause a radiator cooling fan not to shut off on a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

radiator fan relay has failed. It is found in the fuse box under the hood.

Why dodge stratus cooling fans working even after engine is shut down?

Cooling fans are controlled by the computer based on input from temperature sensor. After the vehicle is shut down, if the temperature is still high, the computer will turn on the fans to cool the engine.

Would the relay on your grand prix 05 would cause it to shut down?

My ignition relay was damaged and it caused my starter to go out, which cause my car to shut down.

The cooling fan wont stop even when the car is turned off I replaced the relay and its still happening any ideas?

Some cooling fans will stay running even if the car is shut off to cool down the motor. Once the fans thermostat gets tripped to shut off, the fan will continue to run.

Could an eating disorder cause liver problems?

Simple answer: yes! Absolutely yes. It can even cause the liver to shut down.

Cooling fan sometimes wont cut off?

With many cars now days, the fan may continue to run after the car is shut off, or they may even start and run for a while after the car is shut off. An engine will actually get hotter for a short time after being shut off. Sometimes that will trigger a sensor to turn on the cooling fan. If it continually runs after being shut off, it could be a faulty temperature sensor, or a faulty fan relay, or even a bad computer.

Would stored power in a 1 farad capacitor cause the power lights on my two amplifires to stay on even after car is shut off?

no check your remote wires

What fuse can cause a 1998 Lincoln continental to either overheat or shut off?

Simple things are : electric cooling fans not working, You have air in your cooling system, water pump is failing. The real bad, you blew a Head Gasket

Why is cooling fans running after engine shut off?

to dissipate the residual heat in the radiator it will shut off automatically

Would a faulty thermostat cause the engine to shut down then hours later the vehicle will restart?

doubt that a t-stat would cause a car to shut down and restart when cold check for an ignition module proublem

What would cause a Chevrolet Celebrity to shut off when trying to start it?

It could be out of gas.

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